Honoring The Dark Gods

I remain in awe of my mind.  Would that it were for its brilliance.  No, I remain fascinated, because despite living in it lo these many years, it remains a mystery.  I have little understanding of how it really works.  What is this mind stuff? It powers the Universe. If I could consciously access the energy of my thoughts, particularly the dark ones, I might have the wattage of a power plant.

The mind is a god to honor.  If I paid attention, without judgment, I might bring heaven to earth, or perceive earth as heaven.  If I honored the gods/goddess of the emotional mind, that engine ruling every thought, could I come to greater understanding?  Does the gut rule the brain, (Huna thoughts)or is the mind in my gut? From all we are discovering, it is probably a two way street.  Would I face anxious, fear-filled thoughts with greater equanimity if I moved toward, not away from? Learning to embrace and honor the alchemical substance of my Dark Gods? In doing so, accepting my true nature.

When caught in webs of thought, which seem real, I miss out on their substance, their vibrant energy.  This dance of energies is often submerged under a plot line, or story -board I assume to be true.  Often, the worse I feel, the more I believe it to be true. Wise ones go to meditation of their own accord. Others of us are dragged by their Dark Gods, kicking and screaming.  Think of the energy available if I could embrace perceived failures, stupidity, carelessness, or regret. I would magically open to the vast unknown, misunderstood Self.  In this alchemical-sitting, learning to allow moods and mayhem not to rule, I’d learn of and from my dark gods. I would bow and thank them for their gifts of transformation.  I might even hope to transform the world…ha ha.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”    Rumi

 As the world grows faster the balancing need is stillness.  Sitting is an opportunity to gaze at this remarkable time, and our remarkably magical minds, and harness the wild brain.  I’m learning to practice simply.  I choose a word then observe my body’s response.  With ideas of pleasure, I relax.  If it’s charged with pain, I watch the brain/body take flight, expending lots of energy to not deal with the sticky, icky, and un-wanted…. a perfect moment to shift awareness.  Spending time with my dark gods has offered new freedom. The wattage I used on judging, blocking and hiding is now available to nurture and create.  My inner life has expanded.  Homage due.

Yoga Notes for Transformation:    

Full Moons are Yang territory. And this one is especially so!  Under the Moon’s maximum light we have the possibility to see and do differently, to understand old material we’ve questioned.  Yang is the territory of practicing Ashtanga, and Power Yoga rituals.  It is a time of Sun Salutations, and challenging poses.  Particularly with  the abundance of Aires energies, muscles of body, and mind, need total engagement.

Stand your mat, challenge yourself.  Use Bhastrika breath, full inhale and exhale.


*Chant the following Mars Mantra, OM ANGARA KAYA NAMAH (Om ahn-gah-rah-kah-ayah Nah mah-hah) which syncs with the strong Mars/Aires forces this week.  This chant increases determination and drive, and protects us from violence.  It has a penetrating, spiritual force, and helps in understanding the true nature of conflict.

It not only works with the muscular system, but the adrenals, sympathetic nervous system, red blood cells, & kidneys.    * from “Chakra Mantras” by Thomas Ashley-Farrand



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