Sixth Sense Salvation

We are being asked to trust the unknown is ways we’ve never imagined.  Venturing out from the safety of the past, and the known, grows ever more difficult, yet it is the task.   In order to go into the unknown, Osho said that we cannot be in the mind because, “the mind is the accumulated known.” But as the world is hurled around in inconceivable ways, we yearn for that familiar known.

In Astrology there is a set of points on one’s chart called the North and South Nodes, They speak of the dilemma of choosing a bigger life.  The South Node represents the past, what and who we know, where we come from, what is comfortable.  We repeat South Node patterns usually well into our late 30’s or 40’s.  It is only as we grow bored, stale, or begin asking big life-questions that we turn toward the North Node.  It is the fork in the road demanding we grow and move toward our destiny, or fall back, too afraid to take the path of maximum resistance.

In these days of upheaval and chaos, it is time to not only to listen and trust instinct,  to grow accustomed to not knowing answers, rather sensing the next step.  The mind, which knows, is orthodox and conservative.  The mind is not interested in being courageous or trusting.  Au contraire!  To move past boundaries of safety requires fearlessness, an awareness of being, and an ability to listen to the inner self, that adventuring voice of the  6th sense.

Life has always been dangerous. This is not new.  In order to grow courage, there must be danger.  It’s why we’ve chosen this earthly life.  Take a huge breath, stand on the precipice and dive, knowing your heart will save you. Don’t forget to grab my hand. I can’t save you, but I’ll go with you.




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