Operating Instructions

July 25, 2013   Breath #400…Now that’s a marker!  Are we grown more thoughtful? Wiser? Kinder? Sillier? Contemplative? Wilder? Creative? Connected? From these past years of ‘Breaths?’  Do weigh in.  I should so love to hear your ‘Breath-stories.’

Thank hevvins for bad TV.  I’ve turned to reading.  One of the books was recommended by the author, Janet Wong.  The book is,  APE How to Publish a Book, by Kawasaki & Welch.  It begins, “How to read this book.”  First, I think ‘how stupid, then I realize, that makes me feel safe.  This is a direct correlation to my daily reactions of dealing with too much technology, and not having instruction, or worse, incomprehensible instructions.  Most of the time, I don’t even know the right question on what has gone amiss.  Ergo, the omnipresent, quivering safety factor.  Yes, even with a book.

This first question is followed by a second, “Should you write a book?”  Too late.  I’ve written the bloody thing.  I’ve bought your book instructing me on how I might deal with mine, and now you’re asking if I should have even written it ?  This bombshell is immediately followed by third.  “To me a book is a message from the gods to mankind; or, if not, should never be published at all.”  Aleister Crowley.   I know of Aleister Crowley.  I’m completely cowed.  Books, mine and theirs, go back on the shelf.

This is like asking, “Should you take this incarnation?”  Too late.  No shelf-life available.  I am here, I’ve become me, I’ve passed the ‘400-mark,’ and you’re still here with me.  I take heart.  I take the bloody books off the shelf.  I begin again.  Self publishing has to be just that, no?  It’s a self, for better or worse, god-like or not, sharing thought-life with those who care. If it is ‘from the gods,’ then are we not all gods, each with our light to share, our wounds to heal, our love to show?

May my decision to take the book off the shelf influence yours, in whatever endeavors you have.  May we grow muscle together, supporting each other’s fearlessness.  No one gave us ‘operating instructions’ when we took this incarnation, or if they did, they were written by an engineer, making 95% of them un-intelligible.   Whether we know how to, or not, is a moot point by now.  We’re in it, class five rapids et all.  Just paddle like hell, learn to roll, bail if you must, don’t be afraid to get wet. Onward!


Astrology & Yoga of Transformation  

July 25, Operating Instructions for the days ahead:  The Leo-Aquarius SuperMoon face-off on the 22, has asked us to open hearts and minds and lead by taking power over self, while walking arm in arm with others.  It is a time of individuality & integration.  As you stand your mat, consider sharing your unique dreams with others. Ask for support and advice, and offer them yours.  The leo heart and the Aquarian mind want to bring the gifts of each solar light together with others, to up-lift and share the load.  So, open your arms wide, expand the chest and set drishti on the still point.  Don’t let daily doo doo unbalance you. It’s summer, stand in the night, and let moonlight bathe you in hope and pleasure.  Practice a few ritual Suns, honoring the Moon’s consort.   Celebrate a Yang Practice, stand heart to hand with your tribe, sing and dance together as the world shape shifts around us.

Another reason for a strong ‘muscle-Practice’ this week is to work off excess energies in preparation for Friday-Saturday punch lines.  Mars and Pluto will face off, which always brings power issues to the fore, as well as deep-seated anger, and possible retaliation. If you’re not using that energy toward a better cause, you’ll use it for something ill.  Also, Saturn and the Sun will square off, literally, which can  bring feelings of less-than, being held back, or limited.  Both these signatures are power pigs, having great capacity for destruction, or transformation.  Decide now how you wish to employ this energy.  Be clear.  Don’t wait until you’re pissed off, or feeling controlled to decide how to respond.  As wonderful Rich Humbert writes, “If you need to tear down to rebuild, this is a good time.” www.celestialweather.com

For those who wish more Full Moon information, read the Astrology post for July 22.

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