All Hallowed Heavens

As this is a very magical day, make opportunity to take to the mat to revamp and renew.  Ask, “What is the Practice that serves me in bringing 2013 to strong closure?”

What Pranayama will help break stagnant habits?

Where within favorite poses can I challenge my body?

How does this Shakti Yoga Dance move me deeper into emotional connection?

Which mudra supports my prayer in this moment?

Which chant will help bridge reality and desire, moving me across chasms?

How do I accept surrendering in Savasana, letting love hold me more sweetly?

Today, the heavens are All-Hallowed-worthy.  There is a rare, even bizarre line up of planets in the same 9th degree.  Pluto, Uranus (the famous square) along with Mars, Chiron, Mercury, and the Moon. And include the Sun who is just a minute off.

“What does it mean?”  You ask.

“I have no idea.”  Says I.

Certainly if you have any planets in the 9th degree, or close by, your world is going to shake rattle and roll….. Perhaps in magical, wonderful ways.  If it were me, I’d make a wish, spend time visualizing it coming true, and believe in bizarre dreams being real.  When given a choice, go for the magical, not the fearful.  This All Souls Celebration might have a chance of uplifting the world and moving us all, willy-nilly, toward redemption and Grace.

Have you noticed any symbolic parallels between events in the wide world and those closer to home? Any similarity of pattern? Don’t look at the form, but the energy.  Is it break through, or break down?  It’s often easier to see cultural and   social shock waves rocking the high seas, usually more difficult to see our small life boat’s in jeopardy.  The Uranus-Pluto square hits dead-on this week, accompanied by a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.  We’ve been building toward this power surge all fall, and we will fall away from it slowly in the weeks coming.  Those with more sensitive systems, may find sleep disrupted, bodies discomfited by headache, or sickness.  The electro magnetic field is being opened and re-configured.  Expect the un-expected.

During the intensity of this time there are no half-hearted answers or ideas.  We are reviewing and revamping, (Mercury Retrograde) with an understanding that we must change the world by cleaning out our own closets (Eclipse in Scorpio,) shifting our attitudes, ideas, reactions, and ultimately- our behavior.  When we are in enough pain, we change.  Why we can’t do it before pain sets in, heaven knows.  If you are questioning this, and all else in your life, come to November’s Salon by the fire: Sun. Nov. 10th, 4-6 PM. ( We turn toward the difficult questions. We have no answers.  We toggle considerations in five shades of grey. We are linking bridges between a known past and the unknown future, as transformation is the only game in town.


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