All Things Bright & Beautiful

Before word, was breath

Before breath-light

 Numinous sound clouds

Carried spirit’s  delight.


As it was in heaven,

Gathered hand to hand,

Song and chant steadied soul’s

Descent upon the land.


Sharing who we are

We celebrate on earth

First, light, next-breath

Then word – gives us birth.


Astrology & Yoga of Transformation

The old fashioned-rhymed poem reflects the energies of the New Moon we are moving into this week…..perfect for Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, (as well as Sunday’s Salon.)  The Sagittarius lunation of December 2nd, asks us to re-frame perception, to see –as well as sing- the invisible threads moving in us, and through, and to re-consider what parameters create our reality.

Jupiter, ruling Sagittarius, is the planet of ‘more.’  Jupiter expands not only appetites, but understanding, awareness and vision, and where it makes planetary connection, we broaden into possibilities of shift.  Because Jupiter is moving retrograde through watery Cancer, we are more aware of emotional nurturing, what we need and what we offer.  Jupiter here may also make it easier to move from conditioned childhood reactions and the unconscious programming of family patterns, to a reality of our own making.  The old assumption of, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” becomes, “I’ll see it when I believe it.”   This could be a Sagittarian mantra, and with luck-this week it might become ours.

Another underlay to this expanded vision is Chiron squaring the New Moon.  Chiron, an asteroid, represents our wounding, it also teaches us how we can heal.  Chiron in square to the New Moon asks,  “What is the reality that keeps me suffering?”  What ideas prevent me from wholeness? Chiron was a mythological centaur, half human, half beast, half matter, and half spirit . The Chironic journey links the sacred to the mundane to nurture and heal.


The New Moon paves the way for the Shakti Yoga Dance website, publishing Dec. 8.  The dances sing and dance spirit, also linking sacred to the mundane.  They take the body to the emotional heart of the matter.  They offer sanctuary to spirit-seekers. It is their time.

Reminder for Sat. 30, Solo Class of Grace, 9-10:30 AM, bring visiting family and friends, we shall celebrate our great fortune by passing the begging bowel for victims of Philippine Typhoon.  (We are at the church.)

Sunday, Dec. 1, Salon, 4-6 PM, by the fire at 1 Edson rd.  “Will we see it when we believe it?”  What keeps us from sight?  Please RSVP if attending.



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