Magical Seeds

Any garden is a source of light because gardeners work soul-mulch, digging their passion into the earth. They grow unique spaces of beauty and retreat needed in dark cycles. In preparing new ground, it’s amazing what appears to fertilize the soil.  What that soil produces is often surprising, sometimes extraordinary.  The original seeds tossed out to create Shakti Yoga Dances were from my garden of linking Yoga and dance, spirit and body, creativity and emotion.  My students’ response formed its strong and pliable roots.  They are the ones who have grown and fertilized the seed, expanding this remarkable plot.  Their light has opened new seedlings, unfurled luminous leaves of translation.

With fortune and muscle, the harvest is shared, nurturing many.  Shakti Yoga Dances is expanding to larger workshops, and ritual celebrations, producing plants with exotic fruit and sweet scent. The second harvest has grown the first Shakti Yoga Dance teacher training, alive with talent and full-hearted instructors.  We close out 2013  in launching the new website   which shares this magical garden, acknowledging it is time for the next seeding, and a larger garden.  The radiant vegetation, expanded far beyond its first imagined seeds, now links into layers made marvelous by the Yoga Tribe.

This Breath is in deep gratitude to each and every one of you who has grown this garden, especially my students.  I thank you for your guidance, for sharing your hearts and enormous talents.  You may not be among the bodies on the website, but you are part of Shaktis’ roots, having fertilized her soil in un-imagined ways.  You know what that makes you….very special.  Samantha Cameron as Chauncey.



you are an angel on earth, touching hearts and souls with your grace and beauty.
i’m blessed to be in your sphere.

big bear hugs.xx


So happy to have fooled you into thinking I’m angelic…What I’m really happy about is that you remain in our garden, stinking of sweet mulch and shared adventures.



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