Becoming Wizards

What do I want in this coming year?  Who shall I become?  How shall I pass through the eye of this needle?  How do I face the storms of my fear? What magic elixir is at hand to help?

The Year of 2014 opens with a New Moon in Capricorn.  It is not the only Capricorn energy in the sky, Venus retrograde, and Pluto also visit this Saturn ruled sign.  Capricorn is about mastery and value.  A wizard is one who has mastery over Self, and values the many gifts of that self.  A wizard also claims mastery of time and space.  Wizard’s understands the alchemy of turning dross to gold.  Their real genius lies in understanding the alchemical components in fear, hatred, jealousy, shame, and ignorance and accepting them.  There is no turning a blind eye, or judging the darkness, rather-in the embrace and acceptance of what is, they transmute dross to gold.  Their gold is that of freedom, love, fulfillment, kindness, and joy.

If we are to learn about becoming a wizard, it’s good to begin with the best.  The most famous is Merlin, of Camelot.  His home was a crystal cave.  His top student, Arthur- became king.  Their pivotal journey of transformation was called a quest, and the end of the quest was the discovery of the Holy Grail.  For their story to have meaning, view it symbolically.  Merlin embodies inner wisdom, true for women as well as men.  The crystal cave is the chrysalis home, the heart, which holds the mysteries of enlightenment.  The young Arthur is the un-tutored self, the daring fool willing to risk, hoping to find the gold of the Holy Grail.  The quest is a life journey, and the Holy Grail is the spiritual, imaginative, Soul-Self.

If the planets are offering support in mastery to kick start 2014, what can we do to grow Wizard-mastery?  Who is our Merlin, and how shall we call him/her to us?  What do wizards’ in training require for alchemical transformation?


Time alone in the crystal cave

Trust that wisdom unfolds in every moment.

Awareness- everything in the Wizard’s world is a reflection of Self.

Perception to see ‘what is.’

Courage to call the next adventure.

To stand un-defended- the only way we meet spirit.

Truth has infinite versions. Try them all on.

All time is now.  We are a web of mortality and immortality.  We are a web of self and other.


What’s on your list?  Send and share your New Year-wizardry.  As always, let us hold hands and cross the street together into the next great adventure. If we can dance the mat with Shakti-  all the better!





Astrology & Yoga of Transformation in Opening 2014

Having a New Moon on the first day of a new year grabs attention for intentions, especially a Capricorn beginning.  As you’ve read, if you’re interested in Wizardry-Capricorn is an energy that seeks mastery and value.  It is also interested in maturity, in fulfilling status, or understanding our dharma, if you will.  Saturn, its ruler, brings the gifts of discipline, disappointment, focus, and organization so that we make the best choices to evolve into adulthood.  Nothing like a big ‘mother may I step’ into 2014.

The New Moon is just one of the strong energies propelling us along.  The complexity in the heavens at this time is all about radical change within and without.

The difficult configurations are building bonfires so we can transmute our dross; we can see what is un-necessary- holding us back from growing greater consciousness.  Pluto, the planet of evolution, where we face shadow material, lies alongside the Sun and Moon, impelling the elimination of anything that holds us back, be it a bad job, boss, mate, addictions, self-image, fear, it doesn’t care.  It only cares that we blow it out of our system.  If you don’t do it by choice, it will do it for you, and believe me-you are so much better off doing it yourself before Pluto gets its un-relenting hands on you.

Venus, that lovely planet of love, money, and relationships-has gone retrograde, which it does about every 18 months, for about six weeks, and during this time –if we use the time wisely, we are to review, re-vamp, and rework all things Venus.  Take time to evaluate relationships.  Do they serve?  Are they balanced?  Is someone giving too much?  Are you enabling?  Because Venus is in Capricorn the value of people and things is very much part of our thinking and feeling.  Look at finances, are they healthy?  Why not? Part of the Venus review may be setting new goals and standards both in finance, and relationship.  Their structure is definitely under review, whether it’s conscious or not.  And if you’re a wizard, love wisely, love well, love a lot!


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