March In New England





March In New England

Winter’s dark wreckage

Is coin of the realm.

Its choppy sea of crusted snow

Covers a heaving earth

Trembling in wait

Wild with green longing,

Juicy and plump

Despite desiccated cold.

I need only remember~

Remaining as rich as my dreams.


Astrology & Yoga of Transformation 

The sliding doors of March prevail~setting set us up for what’s ahead while we look back in re-consideration to realign.   We move between Pisces spirit of endings and Aires New Year salvo of mastery.  They may collide.  That’s when we head to the mat and allow the perfection of Samasthiti/Equal Standing to imbue the body: Be present, become a delicate balance of spirit and human.

We need every tool available in our Yoga toolbox for the volatile spring combinations headed our way.  If ever there was a time to practice responding instead of reacting, it is now.  And like all else, it is a practice.  Another practice in good stead is to grow consciousness and ask ourselves the difficult questions.  It’s an important time to pay attention to synchronicities and their symbolic resonance for this will help us make the best of necessary changes.

The cosmic event of the grand cross, peaking April 20, will move lives beyond their old trajectories…some more than others.  Be prepared to be confused, and audacious, to be optimistic, and fearful, to remain aligned with your numinous-self, and take out the trash, perhaps with a big knife in hand.  If your life is not transformed, then perhaps you can stand at the ready to protect another whose life is shaken to the core.  Samasthiti.


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