A Divining GPS

Pulled inexorably into life, we cry and yearn for the womb.  Yanked unceremoniously into death, we hunger for life.  Between these two polarities lies the DNA of every subsequent face-off.  In the first polarities of inhaling and exhaling lies opportunity for renewal, vision, and reconciliation of opposites.  You’d think by now we might have learned to not struggle with polarity.  You hope that at this stage we would have enough angelic and human intuition for a divining GPS that embodies the light of who we are, what we need, and how we are to navigate.

A ‘job description’ for taking an earthly incarnation could be: Synthesizing, assimilating, and digesting polarities.  We are no sooner done with one than embroiled in the next.  They now line up like planes waiting for take off at LAX.  This incessant struggle makes the breath shorter and smaller.  Perhaps if we re-trained the breathing, along with re-balancing the physical with the mental, and the emotion with the intellect, we’d have a stronger center, better at coalescing the mountain of incompatibilities.

Even the large picture, the uber-issues that we feel don’t come under our personal jurisdiction, such as the weather, illness, and big business.  Even those could shift and grow less contrary if we addressed the polarities that have made them un-manageable and over-large.  The ancient Huna of Hawaii had the power to control weather until they lost it due to love of power.  It might now be our task to learn from them and take that power to love, creating ways and means of reconciling from center.

Polarities are hard to give up because not only are we used to them, not only are they part of every diet, like refined sugar, but they are often much loved.  Polarities create chaos, and drama, grabbing limelight and attention.  Those without power crave attention.  So without demanding center stage, without abusing power, how do we synthesize our gifts and offer them for acceptance?  How do we honor our unique contributions, and find union in our irreconcilable parts? How do we merge our human and divine to fuse into the best Self?  Where is my divining rod?




Astrology and Yoga of Transformation:

Working with polarities is a Full Moon opportunity.  Sunday’s face off between Moon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces is perfect for questioning the challenges encoded in matter and spirit, science and mysticism, as well as the outer and inner life.  Virgo’s polarity is the finite, and particular, while Pisces focuses on potential and infinite.

The degrees of the Sun and Moon closely square the Galactic Center, focusing energy from the massive black hole in the heart of the Milky Way.  Black Holes are transmitters of radio waves, X-rays, gamma rays, and radiation.  This is an offering of added energy for moving humanity along.  With consciousness, we choose how we wish to deploy this extra transmission.  Yes, it’s destabilizing, but it helps release old habits so we reap a new harvest, and seed powerful potentials.

When you stand your mat under the radiance of this Full Moon, you might choose to dance with the newly posted Shakti Dance, My Angel ~which embodies the polarities of divine and earthly, and is woven from intuition and reason.   shaktidances.com

If you don’t dance, then sing, chant, and lead yourself toward a new intelligence, one that is of your unique voice, and allows you to hear and see yourself in a new light…a Full Moon light.


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