Blood Moon

Blood Moon

She rises in the spring sky

A pendulous weight

Growing gold through dark cloud

Evoking Primitive memory.

If she were not magic enough

Shadow swells, scything the face

 Until her wanton light occults

Then Blood red blood she hangs

Accepting the veil

Mystery and mayhem replete.




Transformation of Astrology & Yoga

I can’t put it any better so I’m offering you Rich Humbert’s fine insights at He writes, “There’s a slight increase in the chance of a natural disaster, a fair chance that most of us will witness some extreme behavior, and a good chance that some of us will feel a shift in our life’s direction. There’s a 100% chance that we’re living through a cultural sea-change.  …. The world has changed; we’re now in the future.”  Thank you, Rich!

Since the future relies on the past, looking back to previous ‘Blood Moons’ (162-163 C.E.  795-596, 842-843, 860-861, 1493-94, 1949-50, and 1967-68) the ones we know revealed huge events that shifted the world, namely China. The People’s Republic was created out of revolution and declared in ‘49, and again ‘67~ which may make this Blood Moon another Chinese turning point.  Israel, and the Middle East also have disruptive correlations with Blood Moons.  The Americas were opened up in 1493, and World War II ended in 1949.  This Blood Moon is likely to be a history marker for upcoming 12 months.  (historical dates from Christine Skinner)

This April, the weeks between the two eclipses~ 15 and 28th are crackling with energy, due not only to the usual leaps of faith we make at yearly eclipse times, but the coming together of a planetary grand cross.  Visualize being in a boxing ring with three other opponents.  The Yoga injunction might be:

Stay light on your feet, something new is required of you. Respond strategically, not in reaction. Know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Take advantage, and be ready to trip your particular light fantastic.  Move into the world with your light shinning brightly.  It is indeed a time of mystery and mayhem.  You choose.  You might win, and the stakes are high.  If you don’t win, there’s always a glass of wine, with good friends over a great steak.   There’s also a good nap… a requirement for the coming weeks, and there’s always a grand dance,   Dance on with your tribe and  remember your body’s electro-sea magnetic field is under great assault. There is reason you feel low? High? Anxious? Fearful? Exhausted? Confused? Wired? Keep shaking! Give your atoms and protons opportunity to re-formulate, re-adjust, and re-align.  Remember, emotions run high.  You’re not the only ass in town.


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