As Are You to Me

A short while ago, I oddly chose a song to not only close Yoga classes, but make everyone sing along.  I wasn’t sure why, or why that song.  Beautiful as it is, it’s not an easy sing.  But honoring the feeling of rightness, I rallied on.  Weeks later, I now know why.  It is a serenade of seeing all life as a reflection of self, and in that vision~spirit enters, reminding us of the reflected-offerings in each moment.  They are of what and who we love, and what we see through that appreciation.  If you see it, you are its reflection.  It is then some aspect of the dreaming self, that one who owns divinity, and knows it is sacred, that incandescent being who struggles with the daily onslaught that is often tedious and maddening.

The alchemical integration that this year asks of all of us is evolving to dissolve old matrices.  As they go the way of the DoDo Bird, we need updated Unicorns of creative Grace to emerge, rooted from the beauty of the old but re-structured and re-envisioned. Song and movement help us deepen into the body, as in doing ‘Celestial Communication. ’ Every layer is touched.  It doesn’t matter what we create; shoes, gardens, children, paintings, friendships, for as Osho wrote, ‘what matters is we put our soul into whatever it is.’  This mindfulness is what creates sacred reflections.

Since I have an Eclipse with which to celebrate my birthday this year, I’m choosing the visions I wish to transform, the songs I wish to sing, and the dances that move me closer to the sacred-self.  Since transformation is the only game in town for all of us, I am choosing to see that you, whoever you may be, however near or far, known and un-known are some piece of my incandescent reflections, as I choose to be one of yours.  I also ask my eyes to open to the possibility of really seeing divine shards in each mystical moment, so that what is mysterious grows real and alive.  If I could paint, as well as dance, I’d paint one of  Kandinsky’s, or Chagall’s floating lovers, where bodies dream one another, connected by reflective threads of beauty and sweet surrender.

What is the song, you ask?  May I sing along, you inquire? May I wake my vision and open my days with it?   If you are willing.

As Are You to Me

by The Red Mollys

As the music at the banquet, as the wine before the meal

As the firelight in the night, so are you to me, 

As the ruby in the setting, as the fruit upon the tree

As the wind blows over the plains

So are you to me, so are you to me.


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