Pagan Bones




The Summer Solstice offers perfect opportunity to re-birth Pagan bones.  On this longest Day, when Sol opens his full pranic powers of light and sustenance, ancient memories can flood the cells, re-igniting old tribal connections, mystery and mayhem. Our Pagan-Selves were not stupid, simply Pagan which means highly instinctual, deeply connected to earth, and strong laborers. For them the Solstice was a time to rejoice, when bonfires lit up night skies in celebration of earth’s fecund richness.

For us, the Solstice is symbolic at best. But take a moment to stand at this crossroads, open a fabulous door of summer and dance through to the richness without and within.  Prepare the crops you wish to harvest in the fall.  Use this magical moment to reinvigorate and re-align your ideas to your soul-self, and your intentions to be in service to Gaia. If you don’t have a dance, join in Krishna’s~ just posted on

Pagan ancestors danced and sang their way through three days and nights of celebration, understanding that this crossroads was one of four great doorways connecting us to Gaia and her seasons. Step back, out of daily-demand if only for a few hours.  Pay homage to the Sun God, light a bonfire with your tribe.  If you can’t light a real one, light the inner one. Let it burn, consume, purify and shed light on what and how you wish to shine. The energies this year have been about change, shifting visions and transformation.  Let this Solstice night open a new door.



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