Preparing The Equinox Table

Preparing for the equinox, like designing a tablescape, offers an opportunity to re-set the imagination.  When we set a table to celebrate, we lay out the best, designing alignments from highest vibrational desires.  We hope to integrate and navigate the celebration with judicious use of memories from past experience, a creative intellect, and good gut intuition.  Finalizing the many available choices for any event opens the door to paradox and possibility.  In winnowing down the field of choice we move step by step toward holding the space for a loving celebration, and creating a beautiful tablescape.  But it is rarely easy, and all too often not light or joyous, despite desires for it to be so.  It is much like the paradox and difficulty of Libra’s scales of justice, which rule fall’s equinox in the northern hemisphere.  Libra, in her desire for equality and balance, beauty and peace, often stirs the pot, unbalancing and confusing those around them.  Libra is a mistress of strategy, and has been called, ‘the fist in the velvet glove.’

Use the Libra energies now available to aid in re-aligning intention, finding higher purpose, and meeting the day as it is, not as we would wish it.  Have you noted how much longing seeps through the hours for things to be different?  Have you felt pulled off course time and again?  Do you experience too much me vs you, and us vs them?  The equinox is a timely moment to question foundations, and re-new design thinking.  One of the qualities of design thinking is to balance analytical with intuitive, just as Libra’s scales ask we balance higher purpose with just getting by; cooperating between my way or your way; and win-win strategies vs ego need. Design thinking can enhance what is, opening us to unknown opportunities.  The approach to solving problems we’ve not encountered before, and overcoming old thematic flaws is to expand our vision to include multiple layers.  Designers call this time, ‘Blue Sky,’ wide open, no preconceives, no judgment.

The world is innovating at tremendous speed, and finding creative answers from different disciplines and directions helps the body to find balance, despite the confusion of new and different.  Setting our table, as it were, with the neighbor’s plastic spoons may be the perfect answer to a new problem.  We cannot measure from past benchmarks, we cannot set the same old goals, or assuredly use known solutions.  Becoming ever more strategic, innovative and courageous to unintended consequences and occurrences may be what the Equinox asks of our fall tablescape.

* Ideas on design thinking from Allan Cameron and Ellen DiResta.


Get involved/Be involved in lighting the world from a new design strategy. Come to the Yoga Mala, Sun. Sept. 21, 2:30-4:30; The Daily Breath Studio~1 Edson rd., Natick, MA. Or~ If it rains, Laughing Dog Yoga, 159 Linden st. Wellesley. $10.00 donation to Solar Air in exchange for 108 Surya Namaskars, or your song, or your meditation, or your joyous breathe.  Be part of the ritual joining the world in a Mala of peace on the Fall Equinox.  Set your fall table.



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