Life Links

When you think of connecting to your life, where is the first place you go?  What is your primary link?  If someone asked, “What is your life-line?  Your staff of life”?  Would you consider a link to your breath? Or, is it a connection to another?  To Source? To work?  To the earth?  In thinking of linking, how many layers do you conjure, and can you place them in order of importance?  How subtle, how deep, how intangible is your shifting paradigm of bridges connecting you to life?

Would you include ideas that correlate body chemistry and compounds, as well as the visible bridges? Do you consider ties to energy fields, such as the koshas, or sheaths that map a body’s inner journey?  They are often thought of as the mind/body/spirit aligning and linking a body to its wholeness. Does awareness of connection to the subtle body increase a sense of power, of wholeness? Does it give a greater capacity to heal? Or does re-aligning a tie that binds us to a loved-one create the same transformative energy?

I ask these questions as 2014, a year of profound change, comes to closure. I wonder what of lasting value have we done with these months?  Many are frustrated by the lack of acknowledged progress, but have we been doing something else, something more earth shaking in its regenerative power, and far more challenging, because it is hidden?  Have we been re-weaving ouir life-lines into a web of greater complexity and deeper connection?  Have we prepared an inner world of resilience and courage not known before?

When I ask myself that, it is easier to see where I no longer link than it is to comprehend new, subtle layers of correlation.  I have lost a tie to haphazard happiness, not to consciously creating a joyful moment, but to the expectation that a day would provide its own happiness.  I have lost a zany, oh so silly Self that was part of that happiness.  I have lost a link to home.  I no longer know where my true North lies.  These are hard losses, but more to the point… What am I prepared to do about it?



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