Tablescapes of Grace & Possibility

Gratis/gratificus/gratuity/gratitude/grace/grateful=facere, to make or do a kindness, a favor, pleasure, gift freely given, an unnecessary thanks.  Ain’t love grand when it’s spread around like manure?  Ain’t we lucky to have a holiday celebrating the ‘gratis’ of Grace?  Ain’t you a happy camper filled with such luxe?  How to make it last beyond the turkey carcass?

Under guidance of the expansive New Moon that set the table for this Thanksgiving, share yourself abundantly.

Shift outdated allegiances of taking the world head on.  Rather, place motivation and control under the heart’s command.

Do not return to re-tell bad new, past history, or damaging information.  Re-configure the inner GPS for being present to good fortune.

Open vision beyond what is, then take courage to enter the unknown.

Ask desire to be guided by spirit, not deeds.

Cull wisdom from knowledge and experience.

Feel fulfilled despite dreams not materializing.

Breathe consciousness into every moment, enjoying what is, as it is.

Find a corner, even when bleak, for laughter.

Choose to be intimate. Be aware of the illusion of what you wish to hear.

Allow yourself to be seen as you are.

Embrace others as they are, as theyneed.

Don’t let your light pass you by. Hold it for Self ~and for the world in need of you.

I shall sit at my table and toast you, being grateful you are part of my life, no matter how far away.  Thank you for your wonderful Self !


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