The Magic Hour

I began this year writing of Wizards and magical mastery.  Oddly, I close the year in similar fashion. This time, the magic was not intended, but random…or fated if you consider its birthing.  Perhaps the fated aspect came from having grown Wizard roots these past months in order to appreciate and connect to haphazard mysteries? This mundane moment was born unexpectedly, and became more…well, magical,    as it was unexpected, an unlikely confluence opening bodies to the numinous.

During Saturday’s Yoga class, with a Full Moon guiding its structure, we began by circling the torso, inhaling through the nose and whistling out the exhale.  I played an exquisite piece of music, The Magic Hour, by the Ahn Trio, and within two to three circles we had a whistling choir.  Amazing harmonies emerged as though rehearsed.  The sound filled the room, rising and falling to the lyrical waltz. It was as if the moon’s light, its joy and expanded vision had entered bodies.

What began as an exercise in Pranayama became a magical gift, an alchemical transformation of holding hands to cross the street, a memory to be savored through the cold, dark months ahead.  It reminded me of ‘Wizard-Mastery,’ so I returned to the opening salvo of 2014 Breaths to pull up the training paper, In case you have forgotten.

January 2014 ~What do wizards’ in training require for alchemical transformation?


Time alone in the crystal cave

Trust that wisdom unfolds in every moment.

Awareness- everything in the Wizard’s world is a reflection of Self.

Perception to see ‘what is.’

Courage to call the next adventure.

To stand un-defended~ the only way we meet spirit.

Truth has infinite versions. Try them all on.

All time is now.  We are a web of mortality and immortality.  We are a web of self and other.

What’s on your list?  Send and share your New Year-wizardry.  As always, let us hold hands and cross the street together into the next great adventure.  And if we can dance the mat with Shakti  all the better!


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