Creating Magic

Come to the mirror of sacred imagination,
Stand close to yourself,
Palms open, listen, wait
First notes reflect the spirit. 

You brought your anger and sorrow
Now, dance upon them
Allow darkness to reveal the new dream
Call this to spiral, rise, and twist within
Descend and root in solace
Emerge from grief.
Blow last kisses to the magic.


 For those who have danced Shakti’s “The Magic Moment,” you’ve experienced the layers in this moving mudra that twists in and opens out, revealing secrets of self to Self.  You have felt the beauty in the music of the Ahn Trio, and moved deeply into the simplicity of the dance that roots the body in a magical space, and calls our divine nature forward.  For those of you viewing the dance for the first time, I hope you become part of this magic.

Connect to mysterious forces by sitting in jnana mudra. (Touch thumb to forefinger.) Mudras lock in secrets, and awaken the unconscious to heal, seal, and support mind/body connections.  This is are also the territory of Shakti Yoga Dances.  The Jnana connects human consciousness to cosmic consciousness.  The index finger is symbolic of humanity, the thumb symbolizes the divine.  When joined, they create a lock, a particular symbolic meeting of forces which is part of a mudra’s mysteries.

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