Melt Down

This is a March for the record books.  This is a month we usually try and high step through sleet, mud, and relentless frozen landscape. It is a tippy time of chaotic polarities, weather and otherwise.  Bodies, like the earth, are bursting with a spring desire that cannot yet be expressed.  In warmer climes, where the scent of jasmine defines March, the madness is less tippy, but nonetheless imbalances are alive and well.  Consciously, and un-consciously, we anxiously await new birth.  Easter, Passover, and Holi, or Phagwa, did not happen from, “Oh, by the way, we need more eggs.”  They are rituals of regeneration; festivals that affirm that this earthly birth is partially formed from spirit. They ask us to re-boot, re-confirm, and re-align matter, spirit, and soul intention.

This March happens to be a seminal, pivot point for transformative and highly charged options in the arena of birth, as the electro magnetic field is being pinged by extraordinary possibility. The body may be exhausted.  The mind~ over-loaded.  But the future calls, and it calls from the alchemical polarity of spirit and grounded reality. You may feel in meltdown mode, but it’s time to step up and learn a new dance.

To move into the nebulous, no-boundary territory of spirit, the ego must be solid, of firm structures, and clear realities. Before we can move beyond anything we must be it.  We rely on the ego’s foundation to support movement in the world.  The mystic, or spirit-self has no boundaries, no structure and this is terrifying to the ego, especially a weak ego. For the ego to be well it must do.  For the mystic to do well it must beBeing requires attentive loving. When the ego loves, it goes outside self to find affirmation.  The mystic goes within.

As you twist and wind your way between this month’s extreme energies, return to middle ground, if you can find it.  Practice tiny steps that do not deny ego or sprit. During this mad month of extremes remember to take a moment and ask: “What is my bliss, how can I express that?  How can I put it to the world’s service?  Remember it doesn’t require as much time or energy as we fear. It’s not any where near as difficult as buying a bathing suit. Setting aside 1% of an hour to sit with the unknown, a different life opens. Committing 10% of each day, unseen alliances begin manifesting.  We need only change a bad habit 20% of the time for shifts to take place in a new direction. From committing to love someone just 51%, relationship is possible.


Notable Notes:

The next two Saturday’s, March 21 & 28, you are lucky to have fabulous subs!  Jenn Cooper is teaching the 8:00 AM, and Elgar Pichler the 9:30 AM. 

Wed. March 25:  The Laughing Dog 5:15 PM is taught by Jacqueline Brodnitzky, and 7:00 PM  by Elgar Pichler.

Come, enjoy and enliven your Yoga learning from three unique instructors.

April Fool’s Wednesday, I’m back with a ‘normal schedule’. Laughing Dog classes will focus on Yang, Full Moon effort from finding inner balance by focusing on outer polarities. 

Solo Class 8:30 AM~ Saturday, April 4~ A Passover/ Easter /Full Moon Eclipse-Celebration will be held with lots of Bunny Luv offered through Asana, mudra, chant, dance, laughter matzo and chocolate.

During month of April I am teaching Friday mornings at Laughing Dog Yoga for Daniel Orlansky at 9:45 AM. Hope to see you there!


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