Visionary Shakti

The world is always asking we become visionaries, never more so than now.  To create visions we must stop, take time, and offer space for them to unfold.  They hold more power when we become clear, when we are willing to be a visionary creative force.  Visions prefer anointing those who embody the dictates of their visions, who follow through and expand what is offered.  Receiving the vision is a feminine, receptive event.  Creating action of that gift, is the balancing masculine drive.  The two must unite and dance together to awaken and embody Shakti, the sacred power of the goddess.

Civilizations have spent 2000 years denouncing the goddess, the feminine Shakti of creation, but her time is returning, and she re-enters in full force as not only loving and nurturing, but fierce.  She is the authority programing separation.  She is the violent power shooting us down the birth canal, severing bodies from the safety of the womb so that we begin to participate in the dance of who and what we are to become.  She infuses us with sacred light.  She also schools us in chaos, paradox, and violence.  Without the brutality of her warrior aspects we could not be erotic, nor would we have enough fierceness to transmute the shadow within.  Her unrelenting chaotic madness inspires us to commit.  She becomes the knife cutting bloodied karmic bonds.  It is only in her chaos do we come to understand the importance of harmony and peace.

This is not western views of divinity, which are limited, especially of the feminine.  In other cultures, and other times, the multifaceted divinity of the feminine is what created life, and transmuted the ugly into the beautiful.  This Shakti vision holds that everything is loved, nothing is rejected, as nothing is outside self.  In dancing Shakti we not only become visionary, we become beautiful, we liberate egoic desire.  As we dance to soul-sounds, we awaken to ask, ‘is this desire binding me, or liberating me?  In these moves, am I building power over others, or power over self?  As I weave these next moves, am I willing to dance naked, exposing myself to hard truths?  Am I willing to celebrate your divinity, as well as mine? As I twist and turn, expressing my musical spirit, will I release shame?  Heal my sense of inadequacy?  Expand my sexuality?  Drop neurotic regret, and embody my passion?  This is Shakti’s vision.  This is her calling.  As a change-agent, we can follow many practices that serve the evolutionary goddess, but a joyous, liberating, creative path is through Shakti dances.

*Many of these thoughts and ideas have been born from creating the Shakti Yoga Dances.  They have also been supported and expanded by a dialogue between Sally Kempton and Andrew Harvey on the Shift Network.


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