Angels All

Today is the anniversary of the death of the woman who gave me a second life, Helen Rosenstock. Because I am a late bloomer, she entered my life late, when I was finally ready for her vision, her tools of a transformative baptism. The person you know as Samantha, is not the person I started out to be. It’s true none of us are, but some of us are unrecognizable. When I found Helen, she saw I had walked to replace the original imprint.

A year ago, when Helen died, she appeared to me as a plume of smoke, stopping by as if to say, ‘remember~ life is magical. She was magical, but part of her mystery was in her gifts being of the earth, and for the earth:

She said, “In order to see what you think is mysterious, open your eyes wider to possibility. To perceive and listen to the invisible is a talent everyone has.

She taught that I need only be willing, for transformation to begin.

To grow intuition she reminded me I required silence to hear what is unspoken.

To heal, I needed to become an empath, and to maintain a body strong enough to heal itself so that it could hold that power for others.

One day, as we stood at French doors, she said, “To heal others, you do not need to know what they should do. Simply open the door so they can walk through on their on own legs. Stand as their witness.”

She taught me to be an ‘ambulance chaser’ one night, by asking what I thought as sirens filled the air. “Loud,” is what I replied. She said, “You have a choice in consciousness. You can direct healing light to a stranger in need, or you can think, ‘loud.’ Never doubt that what is unseen is far more powerful than what we imagine.”

She offered tools of non-judgment and acceptance, along with strong boundaries. I finally leaned to speak the hardest word. I learned to say, “No.”

She held me to higher standards of integrity.

She invited me to ride the tiger.

Today, there is a small, quiet cadre of ‘Helen-ites’ who stand as angels to salute her. We carry her in our hearts, and show forth her work with different talents, through every level of our lives. If I have touched you, then you have been touched by Helen. You are infected with her energy. You are a part of an angelic force field, and you are either on the tiger, or considering an invitation to leap on. Thanks to Helen, I ride the tiger with gratitude, and exhaustion. I ride it because once on~there is no getting off. When you decide to become conscious and transform, you cannot go back. You can only be eaten.

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