My Astrological Story

”OM MANI PADMI HUM” The great mani- “Praise to the Jewel in the Lotus.” 

Each syllable represents one of the six Buddhist goals to help heal, purify, and offer wisdom to bring forth positive qualities in each of us.

WHY CHOOSE ME?  WHO AM I?  WHAT DO I BRING TO YOUR TABLE?  WHAT ARE MY STRENGTHS?  My consultations are given from a bedrock of psychology and spirituality. I am an energy conduit, having spent years working with energy, both physically and metaphysically.  Astrology is the study of energy, offering layers of information, both pragmatic and metaphysical, in support of soul choices.  Like Yoga, Astrology is not separate from life. It is an extension, a wisdom map, providing mythic, and symbolic lens’ through which to mull over abstract meaning and understanding of oneself. As your Astrologer, my intention is to inspire you with the uniqueness of who you are, and the gifts you have to offer.  I love the time of preparation, when I sit with your charts, mapping the maze of your mystery and mastery.  I love creatively considering the tools you need to better equip your sense of soul, your love life, your joyous creativity, your sense of command, and courage.

Astrology called me out long before I had time to study it.  And when I did have the luxury of learning, it became a full-blown passion. its tools are insightful and richly layered, having been passed down and enriched through 6000 years.  There is comfort in seeing cycles repeat, as it offers historical meaning to present unknowns, allaying fear, and anxiety. Then I learned the ‘Art of Astrology’ with the great Marion March in Los Angeles.  She taught that the heavenly firmament provided an opportunity to see life from an objective, symbolic perspectives, so we can get out of our own way. Its observational lens simply accepts who we are, and in that acceptance, we grow wiser.

Being intimate with self, and growing greater self-acceptance is a difficult, life long task. Our work is to create a melody that resonates with your spirit so you move past barriers and old blockages and gain insight and understanding.  I would love to partner with you to explore your inner cosmos, to tune in and tune up so you dance in perfect rhythm with the cosmos.  

“I felt seen like never before.  My time with Samantha was so validating”

– Leah Coakley

Experiences that have shaped my life include: swimming with dolphins at Sea World, going to the University of Madrid for a year’s bac, then months in Paris for more studies, being a dancer for many years, creating a small dance company in Sun Valley, ID., getting a Masters in choreography at UCLA, on a teaching scholarship, owning a catering company in Los Angeles, doing healing work for many years with an extraordinary woman, taking a thousand CA. meta workshops, including death and dying, Voice Dialogue, A Course in Miracles,  travelling to Bali, then back to Europe, meeting the man of my life, late but so worth the wait, began Astrological studies with Marion March, became a consulting Astrologer in 1997, now work with an international clientele, offering lectures and workshops, and writing a weekly Astrology Newsletter, “The Astrology & Yoga of Transformation” for Daily Breath Journal   Moved to Boston in 2000, began teaching Modern Dance at Wellesley College, then Yoga, created Shakti Yoga Dances, earned E-RYT-500 instructors degree, began teaching Shakti Dances in Spain and France. 

From this multitude of experience, mainly flying by the seat of my pants, comes a deep commitment to inner work, to growing consciousness every day. Because I know the peace that comes from finding your path and sharing your gifts. I know the quiet joy from overcoming fear, and I love offering that to you.  The wisdom earned from my vast life experiences will remind you that you already know everything.  I’m simply validating.  And I validate that however lost, lonely, or angry you are, you will figure it, and we will work hand in hand so that you remember ‘you are a spiritual being having a physical experience,’ and there is nothing you cannot heal.  

“Wow, we covered so much together.  I can’t thank you enough, not only for the reading but for the opportunity to be seen. And by this, I mean seen on so many profound layers of who I am – and will be.  A truly remarkable feeling.  I treasure our time together.”

– Kate Stickley