Feb. 1-12


Life is short, Break the Rules. Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably And never regret ANYTHING That makes you smile. Samuel Langhorne Clemens/Mark Twain

Wisdom Body Notes February 2-12 by Samantha Cameron

February may be a short month BUT it packs a punch this year!   Listen to the sage advice of Mr. Twain as you plan the coming days.  February, being Aquarian in nature can be wacky and unique in nature.  This is proven by opening its doors with Groundhog Day, AND the ancient Celtic celebration of Imbolc, telling you right off the bat that celebration and ritual beckon us forward. 

The Pennsylvania Dutch began the superstition of deciding how long winter might be according to the whims of the Groundhog and his shadow.  You have to love the desperation of longing for spring to depend on the silliest, and oh so adorable Groundhog!  Clearly, the gloomy Feb. in the northeast promises an early spring! 

Another- oh so different energy standing at February’s threshold is Imbolc, one of the ‘minor quarter turnings in the year.’ derived from the ancient Celts who gave meaning and ritual to this minor turning by aligning spring hopes to grow “in the belly of the mother.”  It is the halfway mark between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox ~two of the four major turnings each year. Consider that each time we turn opportunity is opened to leave the old behind, opening space to welcome the new.  Consider early February a planning stage to plant sage seeds that nourish you as they grow.  Take time for a moment of ritual to seed the earth with hope. Offer your dreams up so others have opportunities to dream.

These dreams need time to soak into your soil so they may root down and take shape under the next New Moon on Fri. 9th.  This is an Aquarian New Moon asking we grow unique seeds to share, and that we embrace a greater sisterhood/brotherhood as we move forward.  If offers revolution as well as evolution.  Synchronistically, under this New Moon we begin the Chinese year of the Wood Dragon which carries many of these powerfully auspicious Aquarian / Uranian energies.  The Dragon is the only animal in the Chinese zodiac that is not of this world.  It is like Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius in that it carries a higher vision, with the desire to take risks and have the courage to believe in yourself for upward leaps. (For Astrologers, the energy of the Wood Dragon is like Jupiter in Leo; hoping for recognition, wanting to grow as a leader to grow your visibility. Be aware of possibly being unwilling to compromise.)

Use the growth seeds of Imbolc and the meditative energies of a New Moon to plan ahead.  It’s essential!  Especially as the speed of February, with all planets now direct, is going to grab us by the throat, if not by our toes to race onward and upward. For all manner of reasons 2024 promises to focus on growth and innovation, competition and creativity, authenticity and goals.  Given that Pluto is now passing through Aquarius for the coming 20 years, you know that inner power, strength, deep emotion, and drive are rising to push us onward. (If you wish more information -read  “Raising the Aquarian Vibe” https://dailybreathjournal.com/astro/weekly-astrology/ )

The last time we celebrated ‘The Wood Dragon’ was 1964, and you Boomers who were around know that it was a splendid time of upheaval, change, revolution, and inclusivity.  We had the Civil Rights Act abolishing segregation, the ongoing Vietnam War, and of course the Beatles, plus the Ford Mustang, the first whisper that smoking “may be injurious to your health.”  The Teamsters Union negotiated the first national labor contract in the US. …And oh so importantly, San Diego Sea World opened- where once upon a time I swam as a Sea Maid with the dolphins.  This is only a tiny bit of cream off the top.  But you see the enormous changes politically, and socially.   Fasten your seat belts as we are in for similar tidings of artistic innovation, social upheaval, and cultural shifts.

The February/Aquarian vibe is filled with powers to be the boss, run the show, and lift spirits with a joyous motivation to ‘just do it!’  Before taking off half-cocked to rock the boat your way, be aware of the shadow side of these powerful energies.  The Wood Dragon, like Pluto, can be domineering, aggressive, and dogmatic, using subversive tactics to have its way.  Like Uranus, we can become chaotic and selfish in our drive for ‘authenticity.’  Shadow lives in all of us, and it’s our job to ‘enlighten’ ourselves to open old wounds to the light so we may heal.  Consider a ‘Groundhog Healing’ full of crazy fun and laughter, letting that feed Imbolc’s in the belly of the mother’ energies of opening to intuition, wisdom, and deeper insight.  I promise, shadow will arise and open to the light, inviting us to dance into our divinity.


Making plans to move forward?  Confused by the unknown? If you’d like to know how you are affected by planetary energies, and understand better ways to partner Self and others, contact Samantha for a deep-diving Astrological consultation into your life:  samcatcam@gmail.com, or text 508-505-7700.  Astrological Information~ https://dailybreathjournal.com/astro/astrology/

Information about my teaching and consulting style, focus, and background: https://www.mysticmag.com/psychic-reading/interview-samantha-cameron/  


Weekly Yoga & pilates classes, in person & via Zoom, are held as usual.  For information contact- samcatcam@gmail.com

YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  Imagine ways to redirect your life, to be more inclusive, more involved, and more aware. Shed the old snake skin you have outgrown.  We are growing into higher stewardship by sharing our unique experiences to shift everyone forward and up.  Imagine yourself as an architect, with a new house under design.  Take time to be alive to the life waiting for you, the design excited to be executed.

In this week’s classes, I used the Kangula Mudra which is representative of a seed or nut containing great potential.  It’s symbolic of hidden power in the human spirit.  It supports awakening intuition and harmonizes our biorhythms with cycles of the earth.  To form the mudra, fold the ring finer (earth element) into the palm and connect all other fingertips with the thumb, thus creating a seed pod.  Take five deep breaths into this seed pod and feel your intuitive powers expanding.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  Be your own unique Aquarian Self this year as it is a time of enormous changes for you.  Be excited, rather than fearful.  You have Pluto, the transformational power source of the zodiac along with incoming energies of the Wood Dragon, pushing you into a higher level of being, of authenticity and consciousness. Use this energy to create, do and become who you have dreamed of being.  Take the stage without regret or shyness, morphing into a leader the world needs.


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