Ruler of Sagittarius

Natural ruler of the 9th House

Primary meaning: As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter reveals our self confidence, faith and optimism.  It is the go to guy for higher education, spiritual values, and religious faith.  He offers a generosity to life, dished up with optimism.  A happy Jupiter, is a happy life, expressing generously, with a zest for adventures.  He is also a ‘family man,’ exalted in Cancer, presiding over the family of gods, as well as over the human community.
Jupiter’s glyph is composed of the semicircle of the Moon, (soul) above the cross of matter, which reveals its mission of obtaining wisdom from life experience to connect us to ‘universal mind.’

Chart placement indicates: The nature and development of higher mental capacity. Where he is placed we move beyond our rational mind, we grow ideas and seek communication for the community, which is why many teachers have a strong Jupiter. Historically, Jupiter claims the gift of prophecy. Mercury is the low mind, and Jupiter the high, and they work together to teach and communicate Universal law. Government laws are under Jupiter’s rulership as are long journeys, spiritual quests, mass migrations, and good fortune.

Positive expression:  “Jupiter is the planet which signifies the achievement of compassion gained through wisdom.” Alan Oken. His energy is masculine, and is another representative of solar force, mythologically linked to the Sun. The Hindus refer to him as Vishnu, the Preserver. The Greeks called him Zeus– ‘The creator, the preserver and the destroyer.’ Like Venus, he bestows abundance, spiritual gifts and guidance. Jupiter honors the protection and preservation of the truth, justice, religion, philosophy, spirituality, and wisdom,.

Negative expression: When the great gassy one is not well connected, it can be too much of a good thing.  It’s a case where “more is more,”  means too much.  We need his optimism, but with balance, as over-doing, over- eating, over-expecting are part of the self indulgence, and poor use of resources that are part of his lexicon. Jupiter’s expansion includes the shadow side of: hubris, dogmatism, and foot in mouth over sharing.

Jupiter is here to free us from the personal to become an impartial judge, and serve as a teacher not only of higher education, but in and with the forces of light. He has rulership over the superconscious Self, a self with no confinement or limitations. It is the Self most easily connected to the divine when we allow it. He supports leadership, royalty, expansion, philosophy, religion, beliefs, foreign lands and a wider vision. When seeking inspiration, or aspiring to a higher vibration, look to Jupiter-support, both from its gifts, and it’s blocks. Its placement in your chart will help understand and guide this process.

You have no security unless you can live bravely, excitingly, imaginative.

-Eleanor Roosevelt