Ruler of Gemini and Virgo

Natural ruler of the 3rd and 6th houses

Primary meaning: Mercury is the messenger, lord of communication, and active intelligence. He is the great trickster, and questioner of life. As the closest planet to the Sun, he is the hottest as well as the smallest; connecting thoughts and ideas quickly.

His glyph is a combination of the cross of matter, the semicircle of the Moon, and the circle of spirit making it a multilayered, complex symbol, open to different interpretation… Just the way Mercury likes it.

Chart placement shows: Where we are talented, or drawn to writing, speaking, teaching, learning, and commerce. Known as the ‘god of wisdom, and therefore connected to Buddha’s divine wisdom. He is also linked to the wisdom of Hanuman, the Hindu Monkey-God. The Greeks called him Hermes, ‘god of the persuasive tongue’, and is often drawn with winged heels and head in order to travel quickly. Chart placement shows where awareness and attention will be focused, along with learning techniques and new skills.

Positive expression:  When Mercury is well place, reasoning is strong, and creativity is often expressed through writing or speech. Languages are learned easily, and wit with word talent is easily shared with others.  Sakyong Mipham said The body benefits from movement, the mind benefits from stillness.” With the planet’s quick, hot energies the opposing balance of quiet stillness refreshes ideas as well as communication.

Negative expression: When Mercury is either too strong, or too weak, restlessness, and superficiality are prominent. The nervous system, which is ruled by Mercury, is affected and there are often struggles with inconsistency, and response VS reaction. There can be issues with stuttering or not speaking until older. 

Mercury in Gemini, and natural ruler of the third house, is airy, inquisitive, and quick, operating strongly through lower education, learning agility, siblings, the neighborhood, and speech patterns. In the physical body rules the hands and lower arms.

Mercury in Virgo, and natural ruler of the sixth house, has more to do with pulling things apart in order to understand. It separates, and codifies with ease. It’s interests have to do with daily habits, health regimes, and co-workers. This is an earthier energy compared to the airy Gemini.

Mercury’s blueprint has been handed down, mixed and layered through every culture. Its most famous tale is of two sets of twins, Caster and Pollux, along with Clytemnestra and Helen. Their ancient themes are interwoven with tales of abuse of power, trickery, magic and separation, along with grief and loss. Part mortal, part immortal, Gemini reminds us that grief weaves through time; it never actually leaves, it only changes shape, hence the moniker of ‘shape shifter.’  As messenger of the gods, he is the link between heaven and earth, and reveals how that connection lives within us.

“What consumes your mind is what controls your life.”