Rulership of Cancer

Natural ruler of the 4th House

Primary meaning: The Moon is the feminine, feeling, receptive-self, and is representative of mother, family and home. Her blueprint reveals the emotional personality, moods, and patterns of the past. Having no light of her own, she reflects by the light of the Sun, giving his creativity form. The Sun and Moon are the primary lights of the chart. With Sun as spirit, Moon as soul, with earth the link between them.

Her semicircle glyph, reveals the finite and manifested, showing where we are most receptive, instinctual, and emotional.

Chart placement shows: Where we need emotional involvement, safety, and care. The Moon is an emotional portal into the psyche, as well as a portal to the past, especially the heritage of family and tradition. Her placement reveals how we connect with others, what we need in relationships, and what we offer. Some Moons think their emotions, others push them away, while some drown in too much watery overload. Our Moons reveal moods, longings, and emotional consciousness, which is the quality of our ‘Emotional Intelligence.’

Positive expression: The ability to interact well with others, to have a natural ‘Emotional Intelligence,’ as well as a sensibility of abundance, with willingness to gracefully share.

Negative expression: When the Moon is poorly placed it is often shy, fearful, or too domineering, and the emotions over-rule common sense.

The Moon reveals how we respond or react, expressing empathy, anger, and/or self indulgence, and whether we are moody, indecisive, timid or exuberant.  It reveals what kinds of experiences are emotionally regenerative, and the experiences that contribute to our emotional fulfillment.  She is ‘mom’ in the chart, the mom we grew up with, the mom that lives inside us, and the mothering we do. As natural ruler of the Fourth House, the base of the chart, she roots down into family heritage, our memory of childhood, and either instills a sense of safety from the past, or an inheritance of danger and fear. The Moon rules the tides, and a woman’s monthly cycle. She is our watery inner and outer emotional stream of consciousness.

“For eons, humans have lived by the Moon~marked time by it, bled with it, sailed by its tides. Shamans, Druids, Tibetan Buddhists, and other spiritual practitioners observe new and full Moons as portals where we more easily see beyond the constraints of physical reality.”

– Stephanie Austin