Ruler of Pisces

Natural ruler of the 12th House

Primary meaning:  Poseidon, Spirit God of the Sea, known as Neptune, is a mysterious body, invisible to the ancients. Originally, Jupiter stood in place of Neptune as ruler of Pisces. You often see fountains with horses rising out of the water as horses are ruled by Jupiter and are pets of Poseidon, the Greek name for Neptune. Despite its mythic origins being being male, it embodies strong feminine qualities of receptivity, creativity, spirituality, and love. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, expressing love impersonally, striving for oneness of spirit. This desire to express an impersonal love can easily lead to self-sacrifice, for Neptune has no boundaries. He is of the mist, and waves, foam and ocean depths.

The glyph is the trident, held by lord of the oceans. It also depicts the semi-circle of the soul pierced by the cross of matter. According to Alan Oken, “The little circle represents the spirit and the total statement of this glyph may be said to illustrate the principle of Spirit penetrating into consciousness. This gives rise to inspirational visions, compassion and utterly unselfish feelings.”

Chart placement shows: Where we take pleasure in giving, where we express emotionally, but unlike the Moon, or Venus, who want to share love,
Neptune wishes to be the cosmic extension of love, or music, or paint. This is the dancer who expresses beyond the physical body, for they are moving to celestial music and inspiration. Where Neptune connects in the chart, the vibration is either exalted, or demented. You either have an Edgar Cayce, ‘the Sleeping Prophet,’ Pavlova, Shakespeare or Van Gaugh, who struggled desperately with the demonic side of Neptune.

Positive expression:  Neptune offers opportunity to merge and fill life with imagination, fantasy, creativity and spirituality. The personality becomes a conduit for something greater than self. As a master of disguise, his energy can move the personality into many roles, which if handled from a strong structure and understanding of boundaries, can lead toward a profound expression of one’s psyche, one’s inner nature. You are suddenly one with what you desire, what you create, what you imagine.

Negative expression:  Beautiful as the sea god is, he can manifest is difficult ways making us feel lost, escapist, confused, fantasy driven, and lazy.  Those who have difficulties with any substance abuse often have a strong Neptune for he is the God of addiction. Those with difficult Neptune’s often have boundary issues, with a lack of inner structure and are therefore prone to fears, phobias, obsessions, self indulgence, escapist, and deceptive. In famous people you often see Neptune’s greatness side by side with its destruction.

Neptune’s tentacles are endless, floating out beyond the seen, and the physical, connecting us to something greater than self.  The best sensibility of Neptune’s gifts are an awareness of soul, of spiritual oneness.  Under a strong Neptune is a highly creative drive, expressed especially in dancers, painters, and musicians.

As you move toward a dream, the dream moves toward you.”

– Julia Cameron