Scorpio Overview

October 22 – November 12

Key Words:  “I Create and Regenerate”

Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is an introverted, feminine, sign that is deeply fixed despite it’s emotional, watery nature.  Think think frozen water. In the northern hemisphere, as days grow cold and dark, we swim in Plutonic mysteries of death, sex, and re-birth; energies of transformational change.  After the richness s of summer’s harvest, we surrender to turn inward, to rest, restore and regenerate.  After the bright lightness of Venus working Libra’s social connections, Pluto requires Scorpio to exchange life essence at a profound level, and perceives  relationships as deeply emotional responsibilities, which is why they often prefer to be alone, finding most relationships too demanding.

Where ever Scorpio lies in our charts, much remains hidden, as well as great reserves of creativity and resourcefulness. Because Pluto and Mars, Scorpio’s co-rulers, have dominion over sex and passion, there is enormous power, especially when it’s chosen not for self, but in service to another.  Their abilities to regenerate and heal often come when they become co-operative and non-judgmental. Their energy when used with awareness is a natural psychiatrist who destroys other’s emotional blocks.  This can also be used to control others.

There are three symbolic animals instead of only one, revealing Scorpio’s complexity and depth. The lowest is the Scorpion, which stings itself to death rather than surrender.  The second is the eagle, capable of  long and high flights, getting closer to the sun than other birds. The third is the Phoenix, a mythological bird that resurrects itself from the ashes.  The snake, while not symbolic of  Scorpio, is closely related to its transformative qualities.  They both shed old skins for renewal, as well as striking hard and fast when threatened.

Not only is Scorpio’s territory that of death, transformation, sex, taxes, other’s money and support, but hers are the strong reserves of will. When Pluto touches personal planets, we are forever different.  Scorpio requires we re-orient the ego, sometimes asking the personal-self to die.  Under the orb of a profound spiritualizing, refining process, there are no half way measures. Where ever Pluto is in the chart, reveals a place where we must develop and improve special talents, as well as spiritual muscle.

Pluto is called ‘the higher octave of Mars’ because Mars often opens the door for Pluto but it cannot do Pluto’s deep transformative work.  Mars is merely the aggressive force starting a fight. Pluto is the atom bomb ending it.

Scorpio Polarities

Ruthless vs. Profound
Defensive vs. Reserved
Destructive vs. Healing
Seducer vs. Lovere

Pluto rules Scorpio, and secondly, Mars

As transformative lord of the underworld, ruling sex, death, taxes, and deep underground emotion, Pluto’s rulership makes Scorpio a deep and hidden power. Pluto’s chart placement reveals where we struggle with Self. It is often a hidden struggle, even from self. Here, we are in a tug of war with our daimon, or devil, in repetitive inner combat to transform dross to gold. Pluto has an essence of the eternal, with rulership over death, the afterlife, and transmutation~ the changing of shapes.  We go to Pluto for lessons in power, and the abuse thereof, as well as how well we understand control.  Personal empowerment, an ability to regenerate, and face death are Pluto territory.  There is often a deep sense of mission around Pluto’s placement.  It’s here we wish to manifest potential. Because it lies buried, and rarely conscious, it takes years to understand the transformation being asked.

Mars expresses in Scorpio in a more personal way, primarily through physicality, commitment, assertiveness, willpower, and anger. The anger tends to seethe and lie underground until it suddenly pounces to kill. Mars has tremendous staying power and vitality, a warrior can-do dedication in Scorpio. Here, Mars has a great deal to do with the body’s physical desires and abilities, talents, and dedication to deeply inhabiting muscle and bone.

Body Rulership

Pluto has rulership over the sex organs, Like sex, Pluto’s power to transform is unmistakable.  We are to lose ourselves in the act of giving ourselves, which is the highest Scorpio requirement.  It is learning the power of love instead of the love of power. At the higher octave, Scorpio’s understand the profoundly regenerative power of sex, seeing it not only as physical union, but a psychic correspondence between two opposites that can create a third from their surrender to one another.

In the physical body, Mars, along with Pluto and Venus, rules the sex organs, and has rulership over the red corpuscles, muscular tissue, the nose, and adrenal glands, which stimulate blood pressure, and production of blood sugar, which prepares the body for flight or fight.

Balancing Scorpio Energies through a Yoga Practice

Like the Vrschikasana/Scorpion Pose, those who struggle with Scorpio, work to bring their will under their feet, and under their heart.

When you are working with any deep emotional content through your Practice, you are in Scorpio territory.

When willing to risk moving into more demanding poses that require skill, tenacity, subtle strength and emotional endurance, you work with Pluto’s passion to overcome.

When working with layers of the subtle body, the unseen underpinnings of the physical body, you work in Scorpio territory.

Balance your Scorpionic drive with time in Pranayama, gentle stretches, and always Savasana. This is Pluto’s home territory of rebirth, integration and new life.