June 28-July 15


Cosmic energies of wisdom to support the swim through summer months

Wisdom Body Notes ~June 28-July14  by Samantha Cameron

Coming off the hotsy-totsy drama of the Solstice confluence of planetary uplift, we turn to summer’s slow-down, due to big planets stopping the forward flow to turn within/retrograde.  These coming months will ask us to be more thoughtfully wise and patient as we open to the possible/impossible, the known/unknown, the wonder within along with the deceit that prevails.  Listening to your intuition and heart is/are the best GPS.  Grow quietly observant of unexpected guidance, as well as duplicity, chicanery and outright lies.  If we were moving at the high speed we drove in the first months of ’24, when all planets sailed direct, we would be in trouble. Yes, patience will be tested.  Yes, we will have heightened confusion as the status quo continues its big shifts.  BUT as Lao Tzu (who founded Taoism between 500-400 BCE.) wrote, “At the center of your being you have the answer.  You know who you are and you know what you want.”

Today, June 28, Saturn, god of time and karma, who demands we stand strong, be in charge, shore up boundaries, be responsible, and of course-perfect stations to turn retrograde at 19 Pisces.  Remember whenever a planet is stationing to change direction, its power is profound.  Emblazon across your forehead- “I am perfect as is.” As I wrote previously at “The Solstice Light” https://dailybreathjournal.com/.   Saturn’s retrograde energy joins Pluto’s who turned inward May 15.  These two are the ‘heavy lifters’ of the zodiac, the power-players, and along with Neptune, moving into retrograde-reverse, July 2nd, we have three big energetic cosmic governors operating from inner perspectives that will shift psyches, consciousness, and transform perspectives of reality.  They demand re-assess plans and goals.  We are pushed, not asked, to realign and re-consider ideas of power and force. (Do read Hawkins “Power VS Force” revealing “Power comes from within and is based on principles such as integrity, courage, and compassion, while force is external and relies on fear, coercion, and manipulation.”

Create practices to daily sustain a new vision.  Imagine ways in which to see your world differently, especially the world of relationships.  The connection and boundaries with others, built through years of love and/or resentment are ever more critical. Life on earth depends on relationships, with Self, and others, with work, with the earth, with our bodies, ideas and emotion.  A pertinent question might be, ‘why is this person in my life?  What are they teaching me?’ Rather than ‘how can I help, or be with them, love them-or not?’  We may discover a surprising, unknown construct to a relationship that adds rich texture to our lives…or we my finally say, “I cannot do this anymore.  The cost is too high.”Here, tender patience is our best tool of reveal. 

With the slowing and inner turning of Neptune, planet of spirit, creativity, loss, confusion and deception, in the final 29 degree of Pisces, the sign it rules, it becomes the most powerful cosmic director du jour.  The lovely Astrologer Pam Younghans describes Neptune energy: The creative imagination is enhanced when Neptune is strong, as are the intuition and all of our clairsenses. We are more sensitive, idealistic, and impressionable, experiencing more of the attributes associated with the High Heart chakra……. We may feel more comfortable floating through the day, rather than trying to direct our actions or intentions. https://www.northpointastrology.com/intentions.”     

Woven into Neptune’s expanded energies of creative guidance are loss, often due to not seeing hidden layers, or subterfuge waiting below the surface. A wonderful reminder for these times comes from Helen Keller, a woman with a ‘high heart chakra,’ who said, “Everything has its wonders.  Even darkness and silence.”  Neptune is happy operating in the shadowed dark, through dreams, and illusion, which often bring unexpected events into play.  This is due to not seeing the whole picture, as we were beguiled by what we wanted to see and believe.  Stay alive to your visions by remaining present in each moment.  This is the best defense against being deluded and mislead. 

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Offering energies of the Wisdom Body via a lens of Yoga, poetry, dance, cosmic influence and life experience.  

*There will be no Yoga or Pilates classes until after July 14th as we are wending our way through France to dance at a wedding.  

FOR BIRTHDAY BODIES: I hope you are prepared to dance on from the old and create new steps into greater depth and purpose.  You are poised at the threshold of discovering a more magical YOU, which does not come without loss as you must make room to grow.  As this is a sensitive, emotional time so there may be tears.  But as Eric Clapton sang, let them be ‘tears of heaven’, flushing out the tight grip on what was.  Be very aware of your boundaries as you will be sensitive to others need and demand.  If you are a creative, uncover old ideas that ask for a colorful update~ be inspired!


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