Rulership of Leo

Natural ruler of the 5th House

Primary meaning: The Sun’s glyph symbolizes the emanation of light. It is the life-giving energy of will, individuality and manifestation. It represents the God principle in the solar system, and the masculine principle on earth. It’s glyph of a circle around a dot symbolizes the eternal self that did not begin here, but with the divine.

Chart placement reveals: Where we express our unique Self, silently or out loud. As the energetic masculine principle in each of us, the Sun represents ego and identity, the father, creativity, and health, for it gives vitality to the other planets. Along with the Moon, as feminine principle, the two are the ‘great lights’, or primary directors of life.

Positive expression: When in harmony with our Sun, we achieve self-mastery, as it is the motivating power of individuality, and individuation. A happy Sun brings passion, a child-like joy, a determined will, along with generosity, reminding us of its rulership of Leo.

Negative expression: When the Sun is poorly placed the ego is fragile, and there is a lack of vitality, courage, or self-expression. From this lack of self worth, we tend to be more controlling, selfish, insensitive or vain. But nothing is set in stone. It simply means you chose to enter this life with work to do to overcome old blocks and difficulties. Yes, even an extremely ‘fragile Sun’ can learn to shine brighter.

The Sun is the blueprint representative of the ID, revealing the inner light of self image, expressing who we think we are. The chart placement, by both sign and house, shows where we wish fulfillment, and how we desire to contribute, along with an inner knowing of who we are.  It rules our energy, or prana, along with the heart and spine in the physical body. Psychologically, those with a strong Sun have a steady sense of self worth, without being self-centered.  The Hebrew word for Sun is Ashahed~ “The all bountiful fire.”

“If there is any peace, it will come through being, not having.

– Henry Miller