Ruler of Aquarius

Natural Ruler of the 11th House

Primary meaning: Uranus is of the mind, and is the higher octave of Mercury, representing intuition, and the ability to think outside the box. He is the first of the ‘modern planets, those discovered since the invention of the telescope in the early 17th century. The discovery, by William Herschel, moved the world beyond the boundary of the known world, Saturn’s world. Uranus expresses our unique individuality, sense of independence, as well as rebellious nature. It is the only planet we cannot control. We can only control our reaction to it. Mythologically, it was given rulership over heaven, while Saturn had rulership over earth. In order to know and use freedoms inherent in Uranus, we must first pass Saturn’s tests of responsibility and discipline.

The glyph for Uranus is two Moons or pillars, one human, one divine. They are joined by the four arm cross of matter, with the circle of spirit pushing them up to higher expression.

Chart placement shows: Where we question the status quo, where we wish to be seen as original, or as a rebel, and where we uniquely express. Uranus rules our ‘sixth sense’ -the intuitive mind. Mythologically, Ouranos, meaning ‘heaven,’ was the oldest of the gods, married to Ge, the earth goddess, and among their many offspring they created Kronos, ‘time.’ Ouranos was either protective, or a tyrant, and buried his many children in earth’s darkness, to wait for the light of consciousness with time/Kronos. Through the tests of Saturn/Kronos we work with our inner shadow, our dark unconsciousness so that slowly we adapt to using light and being ‘of the light.’

Positive expression: Those able to use Uranian energies in a personal way are often highly unconventional and idealistic. They are the inventors, the future thinkers, artists reaching beyond known techniques, and those actively using their six sense, such as metaphysical healers and clairvoyants. Whenever we move from a Uranian will, we walk our own path, display our true nature, and create an individual expression.  Change always comes bearing gifts” Price Pritchett

Negative expression: The shadow side of Uranus can express as extremely willful, insensitive, contrary, different for the sake of being different, selfish, and unreliable. Because of the desire for freedom and independence, they often create difficulties in working with others. And due to their high idealism, they can judge others as not being good enough.

As the first of the ‘higher octave’ planets, its frequency affects us collectively, whereas the first seven planets, The Sun to Saturn, affect us personally, in moral and physical manner. The higher octave planets, Uranus through Pluto, are impersonal energies urging humankind toward spiritual connections, of comprehending our Oneness. Despite Uranus pushing individuality and rebellion against the status quo, he does so from an impersonal, collective standpoint. Outer planets express through a generation, more vocally than ‘in person.’

Uranus is the planet ruling Astrology! Whenever we move from a Uranian vibe, we walk our own path, follow our own true, and create our unique expression. 

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

– Joseph Campbell