Natural ruler of the 2nd and 7th houses

Primary meaning: Venus~ ‘the eye of the heart,‘ accompanies the Moon as the only two purely feminine planets. She is the ‘love Goddess,’ creating personal values, and ideas of self-worth, relationships, and financial savvy. Her powers work with cohesion, attraction, and appreciation, enfolding our ideas of beauty, creative joy, and a sense of financial self-worth. There is great complexity between her morning star and evening star appearances. (For more on this see Venus Retrograde.) Venus’ glyph is the circle of spirit above the cross, symbolizing spirit overcoming matter through love.

Chart placement shows: Her magnetic force influences how, who, what, and where we draw life experience to ourselves. Her feminine, receptivity does not force, rather uses powers of persuasion and compromise. She magnetizes partners, friends, and creative joy that give life meaning through what and who we appreciate and value. Without Venus, there is no empathy, passion, or connection. Her higher octave is Neptune, ruling divine love.

Positive expression: Her positive expression forms strong relationships, especially the one with Self, and includes an ability to be vulnerable as well as possessing boundaries between self and other. She has a good financial sensibility and spends wisely, especially under the Taurus tutelage, where a bargain is one of life’s great joys!

Negative expression:  It’s surprising, but Venus can be very materialistic, manipulative, even vain. Modern astrology portrays Venus as loving, receptive, kind; a mediator-queen. promoting empathetic values. But looking under the surface, especially during the Retrograde cycle, we see she can be destructive, even revolutionary.  Her mythic beginning reveals seeds of her destructive, warrior qualities.  The birth of Venus in Greek mythology is not a love story, but a rebellion. She rises from the sea, born from the castration of Ouranos the Sky God, by his son Kronos (Saturn); Her seed came from severing the life force of a patriarchal tyrant. The mythology and birth of Venus tell us to rise and overthrow old power- structures to produce new life. Inevitably resistance is met by old man Saturn, turning Venus toward using her feminine wiles to win. 

Venus, ruling Taurus, underlies meaning in the second house. Taureans often express through touch, taste, sensuality, as well as earthy, practical matters. She can display great stubbornness and materialism as well. But as she is ‘of the earth’ in Taurus, she is often a lovely gardener of souls, one with a deeply empathetic heart, and an artistic eye for landscapes.

The Libran Venus, underlying meaning in the seventh house of partnerships, is airy, aesthetic, relationship-oriented, and strategic. This is a Venus who often has a refined aesthetic, preferring to work on the mental plane. Part of life’s issues will focus on polarity and boundaries, learning the fine art of balance in relationships.

I’ve learned that making a ‘living’ is not the same as ‘making a life’. “

-Maya Angelou