Animal Stories

Dive Dive

I am a child of another ocean, of soft sandy beaches, rolling surf lines and Dolphins leaping through waves. Romantic as this rugged Atlantic sea is, I yearned for what I had grown up with.

The Fox Family

In lingering days of winter, longing for the sun’s return, and the miracle of spring, when snow overwhelms the psyche, and the cold is very old, magical events are most welcome.  Early, in this morning’s first light, three fox romped not 20 yards away, at the doorstep of the garden shed; mom, dad, and tiny… Read more »

Bird Songs

The Birder turned his head to better hear the call.  He listened as though his ears extended six feet, then smiled as the repetition of exact tone and glottal dissonance reached him.  I watched his eyes follow the sound, and though he could not yet see the bird, he stood in patience, waiting for feather… Read more »


This the story of a man named Jeff and his bird, Freedom. Ten years ago, a badly maimed baby eagle came to Jeff. She could not stand or fly. Both wings were broken, and even after surgery her left wing didn’t operate or open fully. Despite her emaciation and injuries, Jeff made the choice to… Read more »

Whale Of A Tale

This was a front page story in the San Francisco Chronicle. It relates the plight of a female humpback whale who had become entangled in a spider web of crab-traps and lines. She was weighted down by many pounds of traps that forced her to struggle to stay afloat, and there were hundreds of yards… Read more »

Soaring Above The Small Minded

At times of change we have opportunity and necessity to expand our vision(s). A dear friend sent me a Taoist parable which speaks of this in a wonderfully visual manner: ‘There is a great bird known as the Pieng. Its back appears as broad as a mountain range; its wings are like clouds across the… Read more »

Lions In The Heat of Summer

In days of darkness, somewhere there is light. When we have lost faith, somehow, reason to hope appears. When we are most cruel, sometimes kindness prevails. A brief news bulletin from the provincial town, Beta Genet, 350 miles outside of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, tells of a twelve year old girl, missing for a week, who’d… Read more »