Bird Songs

The Birder turned his head to better hear the call.  He listened as though his ears extended six feet, then smiled as the repetition of exact tone and glottal dissonance reached him.  I watched his eyes follow the sound, and though he could not yet see the bird, he stood in patience, waiting for feather and beak to emerge from shadowy greens.  Soon all would be known.  When he sighted the bird, he raised his binoculars and I could almost see his ears retract into his skull.

Spying on him, I grew sad that I had not taken time lately to stop and listen.  In observing his utter pleasure, I felt enormous loss. I used to make daily quiet time to see that which was hidden, to meander over a foggy beach.  Now, I’m only distracted,  cruising at Mach 10, so it’s hard to hear anyone beyond a tweet, which ain’t no birdsong.

How much richness are we willing to forgo?  To be truly rich- we need depth.  To hear, we must really listen, and for that we need to-be-here-now. How many Peony un-furlings, sweet cat-nuzzles, laughter with old friends, and pillow-talks with partners are we willing to ignore…never mind mysteries calling from ‘shadowy greens?’

There’s something to be said for dropping out, or at the very least- drawing a line in the sand beyond which we will not speed up.  Is that possible?  Stopping long enough to hear unspoken feelings, to absorb and offer feed back, may be a dying art.  It has certainly become a generous art, and when offered-no small gift.  Careening through the year, bouncing from one stop-gap measure to another, the receptive feminine has become ignored and abused.  She, that takes in and nourishes, is growing weaker and weaker.  Sensory overload is shutting down systems, and we are afraid if we take time out and meander, we will be left behind.  And we might.  But it’s possible we might find another way.  We ain’t going to find it running any faster.






Planetary Energies

At this time, particularly, as Venus retrogrades, part of her ‘backward action’ asks that we wait to speak, listen before rushing to judgment, and become aware of our judgments, and value-perceptions.  Until June 27, when Venus goes direct, we are  reviewing how we receive and give information in areas of self worth, value, money, and relationships.  The big banking ‘boys’ are counting on us not to take time to hear or understand them. This is an important time to look below the surface, and find out what lies hidden, especially regarding finances, then discuss it.

The New Moon on Sunday, 20th, is a solar eclipse in Gemini, which squares Neptune.  Eclipses always herald change, and this one could usher in many ideas for change, or just ideas which may seem mysterious,  or spiritual, or confusing (Neptune.)


***To find out more and hear how great planetary energy shifts coming in June affect your world, and what you can do about balancing the changes & chaos– come to an unusual ASTROLOGY/YOGA WORKSHOP AT LAUGHING DOG, on the day of the eclipse- SUNDAY, MAY 20th, 4-6 PM. $30.00


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Helpful Practice Notes

Whenever we move into the dark of a New Moon, there is less energy.  We are inward and quiet, and unsure of new direction.  It is time to sit, and perhaps sing, not charge ahead.

Create a quiet Practice of stretches, and opening poses such as: Ardha Matseyendrasana/Fish, Paschimottanasana/Forward Fold,  and Half Lord of the Fish, a twist -great for cleansing.  There are many other poses listed on the website under Daily Breath Yoga School, –Poses.

Gentle Yoga allows the body to move into mystery, providing safety for the unknown.  Lengthen the exhale, cleansing toxins.  Let your Practice be in silence.

Plant New Moon seeds of intention.  This cycle is about visions, and possibly, how we need to see differently.  Use these few days before the Eclipse to plant carefully crafted seed of how you see your life, what you intend, and what you are willing to do to get there.

Use the wonderful tools of mudra and chanting to expand and strengthen intention & vision.  If you want information on this, email me:  –or leave a message here/on website:



This is why I garden. I have created a place to crunch my fingers in the dirt and after a while my mind goes blank and there is no clock….I begin to notice each tiny flower, bug, bird and weed. Ahhhhhh, time to pull in and gather the strength to walk quietly amid the noise and haste.XO


There is nothing like the the elixir of the greens, eh? Hafiz, Rumi, Unamuno-all the greats loved their gardens. We are in grand company.


This is the message that I, for one, have been waiting to hear.
Thank you for giving my feelings a voice.


Oh wow, I love giving voice to feelings…then I might figure out what mine are. Nice we pick each other up by the side of the road, eh? What else have you been waiting to hear? I’m listening…


My binoculars sit on kitchen windowsill and await you.
Kisses from CarCar



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