Adho Mukha Svanasana~Down Dog

Asana: Adho Mukha Svanasana-Down Dog~The most beloved of all poses possibly because it assists the body so many ways at once, plus you can move into any pose from here, making it a master-sequencing link. It is the core of Surya Namaskars/Sun Salutations, the core of most Practices.

You can move into it from Tadasana, or Utkatasan by folding over and taking a large step back, hands to floor by feet, then step the other leg back.  Lift hips up and back, press heels to floor.  Or, Another easy way to move into Adho Mukha is either through a Sun Salutation, or from lying on the stomach, bringing palms beside chest, fingers forward, on exhale, lift abdomen and hips, then push back into heels, lengthening arms, spine, and hamstrings. Sitts Bones to heaven, back of the the neck-soft and long, shoulder blades down the back toward the hips, fingers spread, with energy moving out into tips, not wrists, arms feel like they are squeezing a big beach ball.

Remain for a minute, feeling intelligent and wide open to new points of view. Keep it simple and powerful.  Be present to moving into every corner of the body.  Perhaps you yearn to have a better Adho Mukha/Down Dog?  Fine, let it fire you towards greatness. But do not disdain, read judge, where you are in the Pose at this moment.  Let it be your master. Now howl for all you are worth, becoming God-like in your Dog-like Pose.

Health Notes: Adho Mukha is great for warming, stretching, strengthening, and bringing the brain below the heart.  It tones abdominals, strengthens and stretches ankles, hamstrings, shoulders, and arms. The heart rate slows, helping with fatigue, and arthritis, especially in the shoulder girdle.  And like all upside down poses, it is ‘happy making.’


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