Ardha Matsyendrasana

Half Lord of the Fish Pose

Asana Ardha Matsyendrasana/ Half Lord of the Fish Pose. There are many variations to this pose, and its simplicity can carry you deeply into your core.  Sitting with legs out, bend the L knee and bring the foot to the R hip, or lift the hips and sit on the heel.  Keep the foot horizontal.  Bending the R knee, place R foot by the L knee, shin perpendicular to floor.  Turn 90 degrees into the R thigh. Place L armpit over R knee, exhaling strongly.  If you are supple enough, bind the pose by clasping hands behind back.  Continue twisting in with each exhale, lengthening the spine on inhale.

This is a great pose to to wring out the old, and invite the new, especially if you add Kapalabhati Pranayama, also known as skull-shining breath.  This breath is not only a cleansing agent, especially powerful for the digestive system, as well as the Third Eye, it also generates warmth, oxygenating the blood.

Health Notes: This pose helps with lumbago, back aches, (and stiff necks to some degree.) Internal organs are toned and enlivened, especially the liver, spleen, and to some degree, the intestines.  If practiced regularly, it aids in bladder and prostate health.


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