Plow Pose

This pose usually follows Salamba Sarvangasana, Shoulder Stand, although you can easily roll back into it from a seated position.  If coming from Shoulder Stand, exhale and lower legs down toward the head, keeping torso as upright as possible.  Do not take chin toward sternum, if anything, allow  sternum to move toward chin.  With toes on floor, keep lifting tailbone up, use hands to support lower back if needed, or clasp hands and extend down onto floor.  Keep weight off the neck.  But if it bothers the neck ,y fold a blanket under the shoulders and upper back, leaving neck free.

Hold as long as you can, and when ready to exit, lift legs up into Shoulder Stand, or grab behind the legs, pulling them toward face and slowly roll down spine, getting a good hamstring stretch on the way.

Because this is a softening pose, it’s often nice to follow it with Savasana.

Health Notes: This is considered a folding pose, therefore it calms the body and brain, reduces anxiety and stress, helps with insomnia.  It helps stretch the back, and is good for mild backaches, but if you have serious back or neck issues only do this under hands of a good instructor. It stimulates thyroid gland, helps relieve menopause symptoms, and sinusitis


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