Janu Sirsasana

Head to Knee Pose

Begin seated and draw the R foot in as high on inner L thigh as possible.  If R hip is unhappy with this, place a pillow or block under R knee.  You can also sit on a blanket or pillow to lift sitts bones, offering more mobility.  Inhale, extending spine up, exhale release forward from the groins, keeping L leg parallel.  Place hands on side of L leg or foot, or add more of a twist to pose and reach R hand over to outside of L foot, but don’t collapse the back to do this.  Maintain spine as straight and long as possible.  When done, repeat on other side…contemplate your breath.

Health Notes: This is a lovely stretch for spine, hamstrings, and hip. It stimulates kidneys and liver, therefore improving digestion, and helps with menstrual discomfort. It quiets the mind,  helping with insomnia, depression, fatigue, anxiety, and headaches. If done regularly, helps high blood pressure.


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