Marichyasana III

Pose to Sage Marichi

Begin sitting with legs extended, or in Dandasana Pose, bend R knee, bringing foot to R hip, pressing foot strongly into the floor.   keep L leg long and perfectly parallel.  The tendency is to allow outer rotation. Inhaling, lengthen spine, on exhale twist and extend torso into R knee, so that you can wrap L arm around R thigh.  Use R hand to press into floor and assist. Hug thigh to belly, continuing to deepen twist on each exhale, turning head to R as part of spine, then lift upper back into a high back bend away from R knee.  When ready, release on exhale, and do other side.

Marichi = In Sanskrit, means a ray of light sun or moon). He is the son of Brahma and one of the high rishis or seers who declare dharma or divine law.

Health Notes:
If you have serious back issues, don’t do this pose unless supervised.  Otherwise, like most twists, it is wonderful for the digestion, therefore constipation, strengthens and stretches the lower back,  helps with sciatica, menstrual disorders, and tiredness.  Perhapas it’s due to its naming, but the pose  is known for brain stimulation.  Of course any time we twist around ourselves and deepen in to breathe, the brain must be happy.  Remember too that Ayurvedically, everything begins with good digestion including brain function.


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