Feet on Hands Pose

The Sanskrit of this pose is easy to interpret.  Pada is foot, hasta means hand.  Ergo, this pose is accomplished by bending forward and standing on the hands.  If your hamstrings don’t allow this, bend the knees, but do get entire hand, not just the fingers, underneath each foot.  Toes tickle the inner wrists.  Keep the back as long and straight as possible, and if possible, pull feet up from the palms, opening the chest as you hang over.  Don’t sit back in the heels, keep weight even through the feet.

Health Notes:  Not only is this fabulous for Carpel Tunnel, but abdominal organs are toned, therefore digestion improves.  Spleen and liver are activated, hamstrings and back muscles are stretched and toned.

There is something very sole-satisfying about standing palm to sole, letting the chakras speak to one another.


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