Parivritta Janu Sirsasana

Revolved Triangle Pose

Take a large step forward on the R from Tadasana-Mountain Pose.  turn L foot slightly out, keep R foot directly forward, lift arms to side, parallel to floor.  Feet can either be aligned front heel to back instep, or if the hips are tight, allow legs to be hip width.  On inhale lift torso and extend forward, keep hips as square as possible, pulling R Humerus, thigh bone back into socket, and ground L heel as you pull forward and away from it.

Once you are as long and lifted over front leg as possible, take a breath and on the exhale begin twisting toward front leg, reaching L hand down.  Place it on a block, on inside of R foot, or eventually on the outside of front foot.  Try not to hunch back, shift too much weight to front foot,  or let hips slip.  Keep pulling R thigh back, pressing outer muscles toward left.  Keep head either neutral on back, or allow it to turn to R, eventually looking up at R hand.  Remain in place, increasing the twist on each exhale.

Health Notes: As with all twists, the digestion is helped, including constipation, lower back is strengthened, sciatica eased.  The twisting stimulates abdominal organs, opens chest, helping with asthma, and breathing issues, stretches, hamstrings, hips and spine.  It may help with balance.


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