Parivritta Parsvakonasana

Revolving Lateral Angle Pose

Asana: Parivritta Parsvakonasana/Revolving Lateral Angle Pose.  You can come into this Pose from Vira I by exhaling as you bring the arms down and across the forward knee.  If the R knee is front, move the L ribs long, to try and place the entire L arm over the R thigh.  Make sure the R knee remains over the R ankle, and that the back L leg remains strong.  If it is too difficult to keep the back foot down in Vira I, then allow the foot to turn over into crescent and press the heel back.  Continue inhaling to lengthen the torso, and exhaling to twist ever deeper.  The palms can press together, at the center of the chest, or place the L palm, or fingers on the floor.  If this is too difficult, place a block under the fingertips.

Do both sides by returning to Vira I, lower arms over, releasing R leg back into Down Dog, then bring L foot forward into Vira I, or crescent.

Health Notes: Because the abdominal organs are contracted, digestion is aided by taking waste matter more easily from the colon.  Deep twists bring more blood to the spine as well as abdominal organs, rejuvenating and cleansing, releasing waste matter.



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