Pasasana/Noose Pose

Noose Pose

Asana: Pasasana/Noose Pose. Squatting as deeply as possible, knees together, twist the trunk to one side, with the arm pit outside the thigh, reach arms around the back and exhaling, clasp the hands, or use a strap. Turn the neck/cheek and look over either shoulder. After several breaths, release, and twist to other side. Remember to exhale when twisting, inhale when lengthening the spine.

Health Notes: Because of the intense twisting, this pose helps with digestion, also boosting those with diabetes.  As it massages the internal organs it brings energy to spleen, pancreas, and liver, the chest and shoulders expand, and the ankles and legs grow more elastic.  The ankles grow stronger, more elastic, as well as the spine and shoulder girdle.  Much like Ardha Matsyendrasana/Half Lord of the Fish Pose. Twists can take us inward where information and sensation travels between breath and body.  We come to know what and who we truly are.


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