Pincha Mayurasana

Feathered Peacock Pose

This is a moderately difficult pose requiring arm and back strength before success.  The easiest entry is to move to the wall with your mat, placing fingertips close to wall.  Go into Adho Muhka Svanasana-Down Dog, lower arms into Dolphin, pressing into open palms, rotate hands and arms inward,  with parallel elbows.  It helps to strap the arms above the elbows.  Maintaining a strong base through shoulder girdle, upper back and arms is key.  Press shoulder blades toward tailbone, and hug forearms inward.

Step feet in as close as possible then lift one leg, and kick yourself off the floor toward the wall.  Do not collapse onto head or down into shoulders.  If this happens, you’re not quite ready.  Simply practice lifting one leg up and then the other to test the waters.  You can also reverse yourself to the wall, facing away in Dolphin Pose and walk feet up wall and hold.  Great preparation pose.

Back to Pincha.  If you are launched and upside down, lengthen legs and feet toward the sky.  It helps to flex feet and feel as if you are standing strongly, lifting up out of the arms and shoulders.  Be careful not to extend front ribs, drop back into lumbar spine, or allow legs to turn out.

Set your Drishti-focus on a place between elbows.  Come down one straight leg at a time. Rest. Kick up again using the other leg.  Don’t get one-sided about take-off.

Health Notes:  Gives you a tremendous sense of accomplishment, and like all inversions, helps with depression, changing a POV, calms brain and body.  This is a big balancing pose, especially as you move to center floor with it.  It strengthens arms, back and shoulder girdle.

Be careful in you are menstruating, have a headache, or high blood pressure.


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