Locust Pose

Locust or grasshopper pose is seemingly simple, but requires, and increases back strength.  Lie on stomach, if hip bones protrude, place blanket under hips and stomach.  Rotate legs in, or parallel, as well as arms, extending them along side the torso.  Inhale, lift torso and legs, extending feet, and head, but do not arc head up.  Keep neck in line of upper back.  Stay and breath, come down and rest.  Repeat.

Health Notes:  This pose is spine strengthening, good for lower back pain, strengtheing buttocks, and backs of legs and arms.  It gives a small stretch to chest, shoulders and thighs, and stimulates abdominal organs, thus improving posture, helping with indigestion, especially issues of constiption and farting.  It can be a stress and fatigue reducer.


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