Sphinx Pose

Asana:  Sphinx Pose.  Lie on your stomach, lift chest, bringing forearms parallel in front of you, elbows under shoulders, fingers spread.  Gently pull heart forward as well as up.  Either take your focus inward to imagine or remember something exquisite/meaningful. Or find something quite beautiful/unusual to contemplate. Let your vision connect to your breath connect to your heart.  Feel grateful. Thank whatever it is that has brought you this moment of pleasure, perhaps recognition.

Health Notes:   If you do Sphinx as preparation for Urdhva Mukha Svanasana/ Up Dog, or Bhujangasana/Serpent Pose, the legs and feet must be strong, pressed down, rotated in & back, with knees lifted.  In all poses, the spine becomes more elastic and rejuvenated. It’s good for sciatica, and slipped discs, helps tone backaches, gives lungs greater expansion, and circulates energy in the pelvic region.


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