Virasana-Hero’s Pose

Hero’s Pose

Often Virasana requires props to move into it and remain while breathing.  Begin by kneeling, feet behind knees and slightly wider than hips, then lower buttock s down between feet, keeping legs turned in so feet remain inwardly rotated, top of foot on floor.  You may wish to try this on a folded blanket or carpeting as well as the mat.  Before getting comfortable, lean forward, take thumbs and pull calf muscles toward heels.  Do your best to keep knees together, or close as possible.  You may like to sit on a pillow or block, rather than lowering sitts bones to floor between feet.  As this is a stretching rest, bring palms to thighs, open or not, or to Angeli Mudra.  Lengthen spine, drop tailbone and stay as long as your body is quiet.  To release pose, press hands to floor, lift buttocks and bring legs gracefully forward, stretching them out in front.
Health Notes:  Clearly, you cannot do this pose with knee or ankle injuries.  But if you can work with it, thighs, knees and ankles stretch.  It improves digestion, relieving gas, helps with menopause, and works well for those with high blood pressure and asthma.


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