Scorpion Pose

Asana/Pose: Vrschikasana –Scorpion is a pose requiring much preparation and schooling in order to graduate to its beauty.  Kneel on the floor, placing forearms and hands parallel to one another, with elbows under the shoulders. Exhale, swinging torso and legs up over shoulders.  You are now in Pincha Mayurasana/tail or feather of the Peacock.  Lift head up, and bring feet down toward crown of head, exhaling.  You now have the appearance of a Scorpion as it strikes its victim.  Work toward keeping legs and feet together, making shins parallel to upper arms, and keeping chest open.

Health Notes:  There are many great health benefits from this pose, such as a stronger, more supple spine, expanded chest and breathing, and more powerful arms and back, but the best is its psychological workings.B.K.S. Iyengar writes in The Light On Yoga, “The head which is the seat of knowledge and power is also the seat of pride, anger, hatred, jealousy, intolerance and malice.  These emotions are more deadly than the poison which the scorpion carries in its sting.  The yogi, by stamping on his head with his feet, attempts to eradicate these self-destroying emotions and passions.”



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