Ritual & Celebration

Magical Seeds

  Any garden is a source of light because gardeners work soul-mulch, digging their passion into the earth. They grow unique spaces of beauty and retreat needed in dark cycles. In preparing new ground, it’s amazing what appears to fertilize the soil.  What that soil produces is often surprising, sometimes extraordinary.  The original seeds tossed… Read more »

Shamanic Dialogues

The mind-like the wind- is a hard mistress.  She turns every which way; turbulent, twisty, erratic.  Finding shelter from the storm becomes imperative, especially in seasons of change when the world is neither hot nor cold, and we are neither fish nor fowl. Part of the underpinnings for fall and spring is the Ayurvedic- Vata… Read more »


The Autumn Equinox is one of the four potent crossroads in the year’s cycle. Many cultures through time have marked these four quadrant turnings with prayer, ceremony, and celebration. They symbolize gateways in the relationship of light and dark, spirit and matter, outer and inner life. These moments when the world stops to shift, offer… Read more »

Wheat From Chaff

Each of the four seasons offers a particular impetus that feels natural to the body, fitting the logos of that season.  In the shift to fall, we reach for a fresh start, and may pull back in dismay, feeling overwhelmed. Spring’s bright beginning has an entirely different energy to its new life. The fall ‘new… Read more »

Thresholds of the New Year

In our endings lie our beginnings.  The power of graduations is they symbolize the work accomplished that opens the next level. Each birth is the first step towards death. Thresholds, cycles, wheels, call it what you will, 2012 offered multiple time and space opportunity to see the cause and effect of our actions, to comprehend… Read more »

Take Back The Night

The numinous has been leeched from our bones by the radioactive society we’ve created.  We worship the maudlin and horrific, the mundane and safe.  We are frightened by mystery and magic.  The ancient mystery of the Winter Solstice has departed, gone in pre-Christmas flounce and flurry.  What was most sacred is now scarcely noted, roared… Read more »

Impossible to Predict

Is there a better reason for living than to discover who we are?  Is there anything more powerful than becoming our true colors, then sending them out to seep into the world, where as wild dyes they/we sustain, transform, and pigment everyone and everything touched? As the forces of change build to a momentous turning… Read more »

The Ground of Heaven

Celebrating the sublime conundrum of deaths’ burnished brilliance on The Day of The Dead, is satisfying.  We might be as leaves, flaming out in high-flying colors, lofted into winds for a last dance.  Is it not a death many of us would envy?  If we but un-clutch, releasing the branch, we will slide into home… Read more »