Welcome to Daily Breath Journal’s update~ A vibrant Graffiti-Expression inviting you to explore, expand, and link Yoga’s transformational facets of healing and vitality.  We’ve chosen a graffiti signature because like Yoga it radiates life force.  It is a ‘practice’ of the street ~ for everyone, created in the moment with passion, and a desire to make the world more colorful.  Invite to paint your life with regenerative joy and beauty.

Looking forward to your feedback!
~ Samantha

Garden Graffiti

The Wild Lilies have bloomed~ orange and miraculous.
A collective consciousness exploding lush greens.
Massed without structure or restraint
Simple faces on over-tall stems nod in warm downdrafts
Arranged with neither permission nor care
Accepting a weedy inheritance.
These graffiti of the earth
Reveal a sacred nonchalance.
Their persuasion lies in relentlessness
As bloom after bloom they lift to the sun, then death.
Untamed images sprayed across a summer’s landscape
Appear and disappear
Designed for destruction.
Twelve hours they stand replete, neither longing fame,
Nor desirous to be other than
Holy as the day is long.



Hope we’re always breathless for some fabulous reason or another. Hope new grafitti design does take your breath away.


always venturing into new territories, eh! – I love this bold and adventurous path – nothing explodes the confines of 2D like graffiti – rock on, dance on, Samantha, and thanks for sharing the fireworks with us – namaste!


Wonderful markings on the wall of summer living! Thank you my dear for seeing and spraying your powerful paint for all to share! Wave on, day lilies! Stretch your faces up to the sun.



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