Cancer Overview

June 21 – July 21

Key Words:  “I Feel”

This watery sign, ruled by the Moon, is washed with emotions, the past, of its ancestors, tribe and country. It is deeply connected to mom, to nurturing its physical home and inner psychic home.  Safety and security are paramount.  They are often good with real estate, with a strong intuitive sense of when to sell, when to buy.

Like the crab, its symbolic animal, Cancers scuttle under a shell when frightened or nervous.  They tend to move out in a sideways fashion, instead of taking direct action.

Cancer is an energy known for its highly developed emotional perceptions.  They feel as much or more than they think in order to find their way.  Because feelings run strong, being thin-skinned is part of what they need to balance.  Her instinctual consciousness rules the intellectual mind, making this month a good time to listen to gut reactions, and emotional perceptions.

BUT, it is not always personal, nor is it always about YOU, dearest Crab, a good thing to remember when your feelings get hurt.

Cancer Polarities

Smothering vs. Mothering
Passive Aggressive vs. Direct Action
Grasping vs. Generous
Insecure vs. Calm

Moon Rules Cancer

Primary meaning: Because she is profoundly influenced by Luna, all things feminine, feeling, and receptive are part of her provenance. Cancer and the Moon represent the mother, family, tribe, home, and country. Her blueprint reveals the emotional personality, moods, and patterns of the past. Having no light of her own, she reflects by the light of the Sun, giving his creativity form. The Sun and Moon are the primary lights of the chart, with Moon as soul, Sun as spirit. Earth is the link between them. Whatever house Cancer rules in the chart is where the Moon asks for safety, and care. Her placement reveals how we connect with others, what we need in relationships, and what we offer. Some Moons think their emotions, others push them away, while some drown in too much watery overload. Our Moons reveal moods, longings, and emotional consciousness, which is the quality of our ‘Emotional Intelligence.’

Body Rulership

The Moon rules the stomach, breasts, stomach, and solar plexus.  Often when upset, Cancers cannot stomach the emotions and must be attentive to the energy with which they eat their food.

As one of the three water signs, Cancer’s understanding of the world is emotional. Her usually placid facade can hide a deep-sea of worry, especially around security issues. Cancer often struggles with guilt, and stress that comes from being stuck in past events, therefore a practice that keeps them focused on the present, on relaxation and release is always welcome

Balancing Cancer Energies through a Yoga Practice

‘Calm, cool, and carry on,’ might be an Asana mantra for Cancer Yogins.

Any poses, supporting good digestion, feed Cancer needs. Deep twists are helpful because they quiet nervousness as well as placate nervous digestion.

Pranayama, using a longer, stronger exhale helps Cancers release the past.  The deep breathing offers a sense of well-being to the present, and assists in calming future fears.

Working with the Vagus, the longest nerve in the body, sometimes called the ‘wandering neveve,’ helps soothe anxieties. To bring a delicate sense of safety, sit on the floor, legs extended, roll up a towel and place the roll in your lap, then fold over it. It gently presses into the the Vagus nerve in the groin area. Another Vagus area is the jaw area. Massaging cheecks and jaw, along the neck and upper shoulder also soothes the Vagus.

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart:  I am, I am, I am.”

Sylvia Plath

Soothing music is particularly satisfactory for Cancer’s emotional body.

Because Cancer is a water sign, connected to sensation in the body, it could be connected to the Vyana Vayu, which pervades the whole body as a coordinating and connecting system or force. It is a water element, fundamental to making one feel integrated.  When out of whack, we feel uncoordinated, un-connected between body and mind, or disjointed.  If the Vyana vayu is not functioning well, our powers of sensation are limited, and a lack of boundaries with low self esteem can be issues.  These can all relate to Cancer energy.

To strengthen the Vyana Vayu, work consciously with the Svadisthana Chakra. Practice strengthening asanas, and the linking of strength and suppleness that enhances connections within and without the body.

I want to be a policeman so I can take care of you.” 

– Prince William, at seven, was already in strong Cancer mode when he told his mother Princess Diana.